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Flanagan vs Mathews Kicks Off 2016 British Boxing Scene Nicely

by Stewart Lawrence


Finally this fight has been announced for Feb 2016 in Liverpool – one I am hugely excited for.


Underrated as they come, Terry Flanagan

Flanagan vs Mathews is a hugely exciting match up and a great way to get 2016 going. Flanagan is one of the most underrated fighters out there in, not only in this country in my opinion, but also on the world stage.

The man from Greater Manchester is a very slick and technical boxer, that can get in there and trade with the best.


The lightweight division in the UK is red hot and it can be forgiven sometimes for a fighter to be overlooked, but in Flanagan’s case – it is out right criminal.

The southpaw boxer sets a relentless pace and has beaten some of the best lightweights the UK has to offer. That includes Derry Mathews, in what was the very entertaining prizefighter tournament, which Flanagan was very impressive in.

Not only has he gone on to become the first British lightweight champion, he’s looked good at it, and he gets better every time I seen him in the ring.

The man that never gives up, ‘Dirty’ Derry

Derry Mathews is one of them fighters that just refuses to go away, and I for one am glad that is the case.

Derry has always been there and looked at some point to be a world superstar. Some how, he always seems to fall at the final hurdle and then out of nowhere, he comes screaming down the straight and managers to get himself back in the race.


Derry was starting to fall into that ‘journey man’ category and then Tommy Coyle’s chin meets his left hook, and ‘Dirty’ is back in the mix, looking for that world title. The guy personifies boxing (hunger, grit, determination) and the amazing nights that we all associate with it.

This will be such an entertaining fight (yes I’ve already said that) in reality. On one side the fast paced, slick, Flanagan, and the other ‘Dirty’! The man that won’t go away and can break your heart and the bookies’ wallets.

I predict that Flanagan will win this fight, though he’ll know he’s been in a fight. But on the same note, I won’t be writing my fellow scouser off. As you’ve seen with Derry (Coyle will testify to that) he doesn’t always follow the script, has a score to settle, and is hungry for that world title, thus making him a rather dangerous man.

If this is how 2016 is shaping up for boxing, then we are in for a real treat. 2015 has been huge, and next year is already stepping up for a shot at the title.

(Image credit: BoxNation)

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