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VIDEO: Max Kellerman Breaks Down Modern Day Boxing

by Niall Doran


Every once in a while you come across an interview or a quote from someone who works on the inside of the boxing that jumps out on screen, due to it’s hard hitting, candid and down right truth in it’s nature. HBO commentator Max Kellerman has produced one of those moments this week.


Boxing is one of those sports that conjures up perhaps as much debate as any among fans, particularly in the new online age we now live in. It can be frustrating to fans sometimes when fights are not made because of commercial reasons pertaining to the ‘boxing business’.

Kellerman in an interview with Fight Hype breaks it down beautifully, on what makes pro boxing a bit different from other sports:

“It’s not just about who’s better, it’s also about entertainment.”

He also pointed out one home truth that not a lot of many boxing fans might realize these days, Floyd Mayweather at the start of his career was criticized for not selling tickets – he wasn’t a big draw. It takes time to build a big pay per view fighter in boxing.

But boxing beyond all the glitz and glamour, dizzying pay per view numbers, trash talk, controversy and so on, is still like any sport pertaining to needing credibility (not just hype), when it comes down to it, says Kellerman:

“Ultimately the most important thing is establishing the hierarchy – who is better? You play the playoffs in the NFL , sometimes the team that wins is a boring team, but what, you don’t play the Super Bowl that year because you think the team are going to be boring? Of course not. So boxing underneath it is about that.”

For the full interview, check it out from the folks at Fight Hype right here:

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