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Tyson Fury Had A Special Message For Wladimir Klitschko

by Niall Doran


Just when you think Tyson Fury can’t get any more out there, more controversial, more care free – he surprises you again.


Today in Germany he was arguably at his most raw and untapped for quite a while, and that’s saying something.

The colourful character really laid it on heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitshcko when the two men came head to head at the traditional face-off.

He laughed in Klitschko’s face, asked him for a smile, asked him how he was going to beat him, asked him to stare him down, told him he had his gameplan sussed, told him he was looking “nice and sexy”, told him he smelled good and asked him did it affect him mentally when he looked at him?

Yeah, Tyson Fury is outspoken as they come, which is a good thing in this writer’s opinion. It adds spice and interest to the division.

After all, if everyone acted the correct way how they were supposed to all the time, the world would be a boring place. Whether or not the above will have any bearing on the fight Saturday night though, is another question entirely.

Here’s Tyson Fury’s special messages and (rather eloquent) words for the heavyweight champion today in Germany, as shot by the folks at IFL TV:

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