eubank claims they should get ggg fight

Eubank Claims They Should Get GGG Fight As They Have Big B***s

Published On October 21, 2015 | By Niall Doran | Boxing News

Controversial and colourful comments follow legendary warrior Chris Eubank wherever he goes, and now that he’s steering his son Chris Eubank Jr’s middleweight career, ‘English’ (as he likes to be referred to) is really upping the ante from a promotional aspect.


Today at an open workout of Chris Eubank Jr’s Sky Sports and Matchroom Sport debut this weekend against Tony Jeter in Sheffield, his father has been quite vocal to the media as pointed out by Eddie Hearn on Twitter a short time ago, on why they should fight middleweight destroyer Gennady Golovkin:

eubank claims they should get ggg fight

Many have questioned Eubank’s recent push for his son to step in the ring with such a dominant force as Gennady Golovkin, as this still relatively early stage of his son’s career.

However, as pointed out by Eddie Hearn in an interview with IFL TV yesterday, many close to Eubank Jr and inside the game, such as former sparring mate Carl Froch and current new coach Adam Booth, speak glowingly of the young contender’s “world class” ability.

Indeed Booth’s new role in the camp as co-trainer next to Ronnie Davis was again highlighted by Eubank Sr on Sky Sports today, where the GGG question popped up once again:

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