Sweet Science Depiction Of Roman Gonzalez

VIDEO: Sick Sweet Science Depiction Of Roman Gonzalez

Published On October 19, 2015 | By Niall Doran | Boxing News

Fresh off WBC Flyweight dynamo and kingpin Roman Gonzalez’s big breakout win at the weekend on HBO over Brian Viloria, we stumbled across this rather outstanding bit of editing for the boxing purists out there.


Nicaraguan Gonzalez overwhelmed his toughest foe to date Brian Viloria at the weekend in Madison Square Garden, when he threw an almost insane amount of punches over the course of the fight to force a stoppage.

There’s a lot more to this very special athlete than just his physical gifts, though.

His movement, ring control, footwork and boxing IQ are a joy to watch for any avid fan of the sweet science, particularly the purists out there.

The folks at The Fight City have put together an absolutely sublime illustration of this, a massive hat tip to the guys.

A man who is quickly establishing himself as one of the best fighters pound for pound of the modern era and if he keeps going at this rate, a possible Hall of Fame fighter one day.

Enjoy this boxing genius while he’s still active as a professional:

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