Final Floyd Mayweather All Access Episode

VIDEO: Final Floyd Mayweather All Access Episode

Published On September 20, 2015 | By Niall Doran | Boxing News

A week removed from the Floyd Mayweather vs Andre Berto fight in Las Vegas, the folks at the Showtime YouTube channel have brought out what could be the very last ‘All Access’ episode ever – featuring Floyd Mayweather as an active fighter.


Having watched it in full this morning, there is definitely a feel that his career has now finally came to an end, after 19 years in the sport professionally, 18 of which remarkably were spent as a world champion – in five different weight categories.

The episode focuses on the usual behind the scenes stuff, but also fight night itself, where entertaining viewpoints of Berto and Mayweather going at it verbally in the ring can be seen much clearer than on the night itself.

The emotion shown by Mayweather leads me to believe finally, that this looks like the last fight.

He’s seen on numerous occasions thanking his father, and there are quite a few family references in the episode like most of this fight’s series.

Of course, people will say how is he going to turn down a chance at going for 50-0 while still clearly at the top of his game?

It’s a hard one to figure out, but there seems like a sense of satisfaction with his career once and for all for Mayweather in this final episode:

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