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Fury Gives Caravan Camp Tour Ahead Of Klitschko Fight


Tyson Fury has gone back to his routes in preparation for the fight of his life against Wladimir Klitschko in Germany next month and gave a brilliant tour of his base camp to the guys at IFL TV


Fury, a man who always gives the public value for money in and out of the ring in terms of entertainment, honesty and one liners, showed the world that you don’t need a fancy training camp to prepare to fight for the heavyweight title.

In a chat full of jokes and insight, Tyson it has to be said, already looks in good shape for his date with destiny in Dusseldorf next month – having visibly trimmed down.

Training three times a day Monday to Friday and one early morning Saturday hill run, will certainly do it for you.

Make no mistake, despite the comedy and blunt remarks often exhibited, Tyson Fury is a man taking things incredibly serious for this fight.

His uncle and trainer Peter Fury will not just have in great shape, but briefed with a top notch gameplan.

Here’s a tour of camp Fury as shot by the folks at IFL TV:

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