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What will Mayweather do when he retires?

by Niall Doran


They say all good things come to an end, and indeed they do. The unbeaten career of future Hall of Fame boxer Floyd Mayweather is drawing towards it’s end, it’s final curtain in the words of Frank Sinatra. But what will he do after he retires?



One things for sure, he’ll certainly have the resources and wealth built up necessary to give himself plenty of avenues to explore, when he does finally call it quits.

Recently Mayweather’s adviser, CEO of Mayweather Promotions and close friend Leonard Ellerbe suggested that three movie offers have already come in for Mayweather. Mayweather the actor, though?


I’m not sure I could picture that, but you never know.

He’s obviously got his stable of fighters under his promotional banner too, which one would think would be his immediate main interest after he stops competing himself.

I’ve always found it interesting how Mayweather essentially looks to give fighters good opportunities out of genuine kindness, it seems, as opposed to some of the other stereotypes that can be leveled at him regarding his personality.

He’s also done the odd bit of media work in his time, perhaps we could see the “Money” man do some commentary and punditry on some of the big fights down the road.

On a side but related note, who’ll ever forget that hilarious chat he had on TV before the Pacquiao fight with former super-middleweight champion Carl Froch in 2015, where Froch wasted no time in letting Mayweather know that he knocked someone out in front of 80,000 people (good ol Carl):


One thing I’m almost 99% certain of, is that you’ll see Floyd Mayweather stick around in the public eye in one way or another. He’s an entertainer, at the end of the day.

Fighting, it’s in the blood

Of course the big question is, will he fight on after his (supposedly) last fight in September 2015 against Andre Berto?

Should he win he’ll equal the great Rocky Marciano’s record of 49-0, but surely he’ll be incentivised both monetarily and from a legacy standpoint, to go one better, break the record and retire on that almost magical number of 50-0.

Personally, I can see him fighting on. It will just prove too good to turn down.

Even though at the moment (in all his interviews) he is claiming he is firm on retirement after the Berto fight, I think deep down and away from the cameras, he knows he’ll go for 50-0.


Floyd Mayweather has been boxing his entire life – it’s in his blood having come from a boxing family. It’s all he knows in one sense.

If ever there was a guy born to be a boxer, it’s him.

He’s got that pure boxing grade from a skills perspective, and perhaps a sweet science IQ in the ring as good as any combatant that’s ever laced up a pair of gloves.

Despite all his money, fame and success, fighting will always be in his blood at the end of the day, and you’d have to think he’ll stay involved in the sport of boxing – in some shape or form.

2016 and beyond


2016 could be the final year you see Mayweather in a professional boxing ring, in my humble opinion.

It’s hard to say who he could possibly fight however as essentially, there’s not a whole lot of competition left out there for him at welterweight in his current era.

People will always have another opponent lined up for him, though.

That’s just the way boxing is. There’s always that next guy out there who could potentially give him a run for his money, in some fans’ eyes.

I feel Mayweather is a shrewd enough operator to avoid this temptation however. You only have to look at how he plotted his way through his career to know he’s a man that does things his way.

Maybe he will retire and sail off into the sunset with all his fortunes he’s built up over the years? If that were the case, he’s defintely earned the right to do so.


Entertainment, like fighting, is a part of his makeup too I believe. With his past exploits in professional wrestling for example, he showed he likes to diversify from time to time in the entertainment industry.

He’s also spoke of getting involved with the promotion of mixed martial arts, which could be another avenue for him to pass his time and an interesting one, for all types of fight fans.

He always likes to keep in excellent shape year round also, so I wouldn’t be surprised if you see him continue some boxing training at least – mixed in with his occasional basketball hobby he seems to enjoy.

Whatever he chooses, the world will no doubt be watching closely. Time will tell what this modern day boxing great will do, when he does eventually hang up the gloves.

(Image credit: John Locher)

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