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Inspiring New GGG vs Lemieux Promo Video

by Niall Doran


If you are not excited about Gennady Golovkin vs David Lemieux yet, you will be after this.


We came across the below short video this morning that was put together by team GGG recently, and felt it really told the story of what a genuinely compelling war this fight is going to be.

It’s not often you get big unification fights in boxing so when they happen, it’s important we celebrate them.

When GGG and Lemieux throw down on October 17th, the world of boxing will have all eyes on Madison Square Garden, when two of the hardest punching men pound for pound come to blows.


Many questions exist going into the fight, but one thing is almost guaranteed – the fight is going to create some serious carnage, one way another.

These two guys punch crazy hard.

The nice thing about the fight too is that both men have not needed to engage in any trash talk coming into the event to sell tickets, the tickets sold on genuine credibility alone.

The calm humility exhibited by both men at present is surely a precursor for the mounting fire that is building inside of them at the moment.

When October 17th rolls around, these two put bulls will be let off the leash:

(Video credit: gggboxing)

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