The Roy Jones Russian Citizenship Attempt

In the words of one of his well known rap songs, “Ya’ll must have forgot” about Roy Jones in recent years, with his perhaps prolonged attempt to stay a professional fighter taking on lower level caliber opposition in recent times. But the legendary boxer has been making big news in Russia this week.


During the week Roy Jones Jr. was pictured having a cup of tea with the Russian president Vladimir Putin in a discussion surrounding him looking for a Russian passport. A bit odd? Possibly.

This story looked a bit bizarre when I first came across it, I must admit, but apparently Jones is looking for a passport for business reasons that will allow him to travel freely back and forth between the USA and Russia.

It was also noted that he said to Putin that he thought it would build good sporting relations between the two countries and apparently, the Russian president was very warm to the idea of issuing a passport to Roy.

Roy Jones, ever the character out of the ring – you’ve just got to love his entrepreneurial spirit on this one.

Lets hope he gets his wish, as it would be interesting to see if he were to get involved with putting on boxing shows in Russia from a promotional standpoint.

Career wise, Roy is actually on an eight fight win streak dating back to 2011 – however against very limited opposition compared to what he used to take on back in his prime.

Now aged 46, perhaps this Roy Jones Russian citizenship attempt could be a ploy to do with the next Jones’ career, outside the ring.

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