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Mayweather vs Berto for Floyd’s last fight – initial thoughts?

by Niall Doran


The world of boxing came alive yesterday, like it always does surrounding a Mayweather fight announcement.


The official news finally came after months of speculation, on who the fighter would be for Floyd Mayweather’s swansong fight (allegedly) in the sport of boxing.

Mayweather vs Berto for Floyd's last fight

Andre Berto was that name.

It didn’t come as too much of a surprise in that Berto’s name had been heavily linked with the story over the past month or so, but at the same time, boxers like Amir Khan and Keith Thurman who also wanted a shot at the Mayweather lottery – must have been still feeling a little dejected.

It’s caused quite a bit of debate online already, with many criticizing the choice of opponent from a credibility perspective.

They might have a valid point but having said that, if you look at Floyd Mayweather’s resume and consider how long he’s been boxing at the very highest level, having proved himself consistently as the best time and time again, if anyone’s deserves to pick a slightly easier opponent for his final appearance in boxing, it’s him.

Furthermore, his adviser and business partner Leonard Ellerbe did point out that Mayweather has just beaten his greatest rival just recently, to Mayweather’s credit:

Mayweather vs Berto for Floyd's last fight

As a wise man in boxing told me, the thing with Mayweather’s perception in the media and with the public, is that “He gets judged too harshly” but also at times “praised too highly”.

Perhaps a truer word was never spoken.

Bookmakers already have the odds widely in favour of “Money”, with some giving outrageous odds on Berto to win the fight.

Even though Berto has been inactive and doesn’t come into the fight in the best of form, it would unwise for Mayweather to take him lightly, as likely, Berto’s main game plan will be to spark Mayweather out in the early rounds.

That’s one thing the fight has in it’s favour in my view.

Berto being the type of fighter he is, will push Mayweather and potentially make it into a decent fight to watch (at least early on).

The good news for fight fans who might be a tad disappointed with the main event, is that the undercard promises to be a cracker.

Britain’s George Groves will get his world title chance against Badou Jack, which promises to be explosive.

Mayweather vs Berto for Floyd's last fight

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