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Q and A Session with Heavyweight Boxer Jason Gavern


Our In-Depth Chat With Heavyweight Boxer Jason Gavern

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In a boxing chat as candid as they come, long time Floridian heavyweight warrior Jason Gavern gave us the inside scoop on the boxing industry, Deontay Wilder, Tyson Fury, what he thinks of Anthony Joshua and gave his take on the heavyweight landscape.


I see you and Martin Rogan have been back and forth over social media lately, you have even called him an easy fight. How much would you like to fight him?


“LOL! First of all I would have to say that Martin Rogan is so jealous of me !  My looks, my charisma, my smile. He so wishes that he had nice teeth like me.  Mrs. Rogan wants to fight me only because he isn’t me.  He knows what would happen if we fought.  Let’s make it happen for sure.  He knows how he can find me. I’m not hard to find.”

What kind of fight do you think it would be and what problems could he give you?

“Why would I want to beat up an old man ?  Mrs. Rogan really doesn’t pose much a threat to me.  I see the fight only going one way, MY WAY !!!!!  I’m sure he wold try to box me but his old legs would get tired quick and then he would just be in front of me eating punches. Wasn’t he a taxi cab driver ? Well that’s what he would be doing again after I was finished with him.” 

You have been in with the best, who is the best and toughest guy you have fought?

“Very humbly, yes I have been in the ring with the who’s who in boxing.  Many training camps and many fights.  When it comes to fighting a lot of the top guys, I have taken most of those fights on real short notice.  That is the problem with managing and promoting yourself.  

I have no one working for me so I am always getting fights calls most of the time with only days notice.  So it is hard to judge most of these guys against me because you are not getting the real Jason Gavern. If you go to my Boxrec, look at my record, look at the guys who I have fought and hung in there with and with only very minimal training.  So I’ve had many tough fights with really good guys.  


I’m honored to have shared the ring with now heavyweight champion of the world Deontay Wilder who is a tremendous fighter.  Anthony Joshua is another very gifted athlete and I feel that he could one day be the man in the division.”

Your last fight was against Anthony Joshua, how did you think you performed given that you took the fight at a week’s notice?

“Yes my last fight was against Anthony Joshua in New Castle England. First of all the fans in the UK are the best in the world.  I absolutely love going to the UK and would absolutely love to go back and fight there again. Win lose or draw I have a pretty good following of fans there. With both the Joshua fight and my Prizefighter, the UK fans have always been good to me and I greatly appreciate them. 

Yes, I did take that fight on only 1 weeks notice.  I know Anthony from sparring with him in the past and when I was called with the opportunity, I had to take it.  Boxing is all about opportunity.  Whether is it on 1 weeks notice or 1 day notice, if the opportunity is there, you sometimes just have to go for it and that is what I did.  I know that Joshua was coming off of a back injury and has been off for some time so I knew going into the fight that he was anxious to get back into the ring and wanted to get his feet wet again.  

He is a very good boxer and a big puncher so I had to really be on my guard in there with him. Overall, I feel that with traveling on such quick notice and pretty much not training specifically at all for the fight, I did pretty good.  Like I said, everyone knows the outcome and that I lost but considering the circumstances I faired myself okay.  I’m not saying that I would have won but if I even had 3 weeks to train, I feel that I could have tested him a little more and definitely gave a better account of myself.”

Is AJ the real deal or is it media hype, can he reach the top?


“Not only am I a fighter but I am a huge boxing fan. The first time that I saw AJ fight was on the undercard of the Prize Fighter in London when I fought there.  I was very impressed by him then and kept an eye on him.  From that fight until the time that I fought him, he was 2 totally different fighters.  He had learned so much in the ring and was definitely maturing as a professional fighter.  

Look at his last fight against Kevin Johnson. Kevin Johnson is by no means a bad fighter. He is very experienced and I felt that he could give AJ a lot of problems.  He has been to the top of the mountain fighting Klitschko and AJ did to him what no one else did in his entire career.  

I understand Johnson saying that his heart isn’t in the game anymore and I totally respect him for that. I strongly feel that AJ will be world champion and might carry the whole division on his shoulders.  That is alot to ask for anyone but I feel that AJ is the right guy for the job.”

You have also been in with Deontay Wilder, how do you rate him?

“Well first off, It will always be an honor for me to have fought and shared the ring with the now Heavyweight Champion of the world. When I fought Deontay, again, I think I fought him on 6 days notice not training once specifically for his fight.  It was a tough fight for sure.  

He is a very tall man and knows how to use his range.  He stays on the outside well and is a crafty guy for his size.  Everyone was so on him about rounds.  He knocks all of his opponents out and does what a heavyweight is supposed to do  and the critics are still questioning his ability, can he go the rounds, how is his chin.  


I am happy that he went the distance with Stiverne and looked fantastic doing it.  He made the fight look easy.  Styles make fights and Stivernes style was absolutely perfect for Deontay to showcase his boxing skills.  I think that he silenced a lot of critics with that fight. I’m a big fan.”

(Highlights of Wilder vs Gavern from the guys at Boxing Tube)

Tyson Fury is next in line for Klitschko, how do you think that fight will go?

“I’m not a fan of Fury and his camp outside of the ring  but i am definitely a fan of his how he fights inside the ring.  Of all the guys in the division today, I think that Fury is the one who can potentially give Klitschko a lot of trouble.  Fury moves very well for a big man and can fight orthodox or south paw. 

I think that the different looks that he will bring in the fight will be something different from Klitschko has seen before.  With all that said, I still think that Klitschko will still win the fight.  He is a tremendous fighter and I really don’t see anyone in the division beating him.”


What do you think of Fury and how he goes about business?

“I’m not a fan of Fury and his team outside of the ring and how they present themselves.  I have been in camp with him before and for him being a top fighter in the world and having a chance to be a world champion, my time in his camp wasn’t a pleasant experience. 

They should definitely treat people much better especially since we are being brought into camp to help Tyson get to his goal. It was not a comfortable atmosphere. That is all I have to say about that.”

What do you think of the heavyweight division at the moment?

“I think the division is starting to pick back up.  Now that the WBC belt is back in the states, I think that there are a lot of exciting fight to come in the future.  Not saying that Wilder will be that guy but I feel like the titles that were held by both Klitschko brothers were almost held hostage in Europe. Now that one of those title is free, it seems like a little more excitement has been in the air. Hopefully it continues.”

Everyone knows you promote yourself and manage yourself, so what’s next for Jason Gavern?


“Yes I do manage and promote myself and I’m not going to lie, it’s really tough. No one is on my side to help me get fights or look out for me to get the right fights. Any fighter who has a promoter is told that on this certain date, that they will be fighting. So they are in the gym getting the proper training and getting themselves ready for the fight.  Then I get a call a week before that fight that the other fighter has been training for 6 weeks or so and I am expected to try to beat this guy.
That’s how all of my losses happened. I understand that I could have said no to the fight but when the fights are few and far between, I need to take whatever is offered.  So right now I am coming off of 3 losses in a row.  It is going to be hard to get myself the bigger fight because of that. 
I am going to have to go and get myself a fight and try to get a win or two to make myself attractive again to promoters to offer me the bigger fights. In order for that to happen, I will have to pay all expenses out of my pocket.  I will have to pay for my opponents purse, his travel, his food, and pay for a hotel for him and his trainer for a few days. 
Most likely I will have to pay a promoter just to give me a place on the card even if one is willing to let me fight.  So I will make no money at all and probably have to pay out approx. $3,500 from my pocket.  It will help me get the bigger fights so I am pretty much investing in myself. It is a very tough spot to be in. So if there is any promoters or managers out there looking to help me out, all of my contact info is on Boxrec please give me a call.”

If in the next 3 years Wilder and Joshua are at the top of the HW division and they fight, who do you think wins?

“That would be a very interesting matchup. First I think that it would be a great fight for the public and would be a great heavyweight title fight.  It would be hard to see how both fighters are doing in 3 years time.  This is the heavyweight division and 3 years competing at a high level takes a lot out of any fighter. 
I am a fan of both fighters and to me if the fight is exciting, that is all that would matter to me.  They are both really big guys and both are very talented so I would definitely be interested in seeing that fight.”

Who excites you most in the HW division Joshua, Wilder, Jennings, Fury, Klitschko?

“I’m a big fan of all those guys that you mentioned.  I don’t really have one certain guy that I am really watching it is the division as a whole.  As long as there are big fights scheduled and they are exciting, that is all that really matters. 
The heavyweight division is definitely starting to pick back up but it still needs to be more exciting.  The heavyweight champion of the world used to be a global name. That heavyweight title was one of the most prestigious in the entire world.  Everyone would know who the champ was. 
That has lost it’s popularity over the past years.  If you ask the public today, I really don’t think many of them would have any idea who the champ is and has probably never even heard of them.  There are many exciting fighters and I think that there will be more to come in the future.”

After Povetkin destroyed Mike Perez recently, do you think he can beat Wilder and take his title?


“I was actually excited for that fight and was shocked of the outcome of that fight. I think that any fighter on any given day can beat anyone. I mean can Povetkin beat Wilder? Yes he can. 
He is a great fighter and I think that he poses a threat to Wilder but Wilder will be well prepared for the best of Povetkin. It all depends on both fighters and how far are they willing to go to either win or defend the title.”

Who would you like to see face Anthony Joshua next? Tony Thompson is being talked about, what kind of fight do you think that could be?

“AJ is still a very young kid and professional.  Because he is Olympic champion, the public has so many expectations on him. He is still learning as a fighter and each and every fight is like going to school. So far, AJ is passing with flying colors.  Eddie Hearn is doing a fantastic job promoting him and moving him the right way. He is choosing the right fights for him at the right time and it is all a learning experience for AJ.
We, the public, the fights fans just need to sit back and be patient.  The fights that we all want to see will happen but in time.  I think that A fight with Tony Thompson might be a challenge.  He is a very tall south paw and it will be a different look that AJ hasn’t seen before.  Tony is going to be coming into this fight with a lot of confidence and he has been to the top and fought the best so I’m looking forward to this fight.”

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We only see AJ when he’s in the ring, what is he like away from the ring?

“I am more of a fan of AJ out of the ring than in the ring.  In the ring he is an absolute animal yes but out of the ring he is a really humble guy.  When I was in camp with him sparring, he was a sponge and always asking me different things. And he would really genuinely listen to me and try to put those things to work in our next sparring session.
Even when I fought him, in the ring after the fight I told him what I thought and he was very humble and listened to what I had to say. I just hope that he continues to stay humble and stay on the path that he has been on.  I feel that he will be world champ and staying like is now will only help him in the long run.”

You are coming off a few defeats and you have said it’s tough to get fights, so if a prizefighter came up again would you do it again knowing that winning Prizefighter put you onto the main stage before?

“The Prizefighter opportunity was definitely one of the highlights in my career. I greatly appreciate Eddie Hearn for the opportunity and I would absolutely love to be part of it again in the future.  I am absolutely humbled by the UK fight fans.  The reception that I have gotten from them is very special to me and I greatly appreciate it.  The Prizefighter style fits me perfect. 
I love the idea of fighting in a tournament setting like it is.  I would absolutely jump at the opportunity to do it again and would take a fight in the UK anytime.  I am a big Michael Sprott fan and if i was to lose to anyone in the tournament, I,m glad that it was him. I sustained an injury in the last round of the fight with Sprott that required surgery but that was a very close fight up until the point of my injury.  I had a really good shot at winning.  And the crazy thing is that I only trained about 2 weeks for the fight.  I hope that if it happens again I get more notice this time and can have a proper training camp.”

And finally, why do you love boxing? 

“Boxing has been really good to me.  I don’t have an exciting story as to why I began boxing. I watch stories and documentaries  about fighters and many of them have the story of being raised in the ghetto, not having parents around or being raised in a single parent home, in and out of prison. 
I wasn’t any of those things.  I was raised in a great family, my parents are still married today, I wasn’t poor growing up. I was by no means raised with a silver spoon in my mouth but I had a very comfortable life.  I was raised with old school morals, that you had to work hard at anything that you wanted.  I worked hard throughout my school career, graduated and joined the military. after the military I became a police officer.  So I pretty much had my life planned out. 
I was married with a family, had my career and then boxing came into my life and I fell in love !  I started boxing at the age of 19.  I was working full time as a police officer during the day and training at night.  I had over 100 amateur fights before turning pro and had 7 pro fight when I sat my wife down and told her that I wanted to quit the police Dept. and pursue my boxing career. 
One thing that I can say is that my wife has been there for me and supported me every step along the way in this boxing game.  So we picked up and moved my whole family to Florida so I can train full time where we still live today.  With all that said, I love boxing with a passion !!!!!  I was never forced to do it, it was my decision.  Boxing has taken me all over the world and I have met so many diverse people. 
I have been in so many other cultures and I thank boxing for that.  I love the people, the travel, everything about boxing is such a pleasure for me to be involved in it.  My fighting career will soon be over and it will be a big adjustment for me but in one way shape or form, I will always be in the boxing game in some way.  I would absolutely love to get into commentating.  I think that i would be great at it.”

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