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The 2015 Featherweight Boxing Champions Takeover

by Stewart Lawrence


The 2015 Featherweight Boxing Champions Takeover

Featherweight Boxing Champions

Lee ‘The Welsh Mayweather’ Selby was the latest champion and starlet to be added to the featherweight division recently, in a weight class that is as hot as the sun right now. Remember the ‘Super 6’ tournament for the super middleweights a few years back? Imagine a ‘Super 10’ tournament for the current best featherweights in the world. Now there’s a thought.


The featherweight division has not only four world champions that draw huge crowds and have everyone talking; the whole top ten are now elite level fighters.

Lee Selby won the IBF belt against Evgeny Gradovich (a fighter who had defended the title five times previously to Selby), but incredibly this still only put Selby into no.5 of the top ten, despite now being a world champion.

Look at the fighters above Selby (Abner Mares, Gary Russell Jr, Vasyl Lomachenko and Nicholas Walters) and you’ll understand why! Even the fighters below Selby would be no easy task, making me have some sympathy for Eddie Hearn, as whom do you put in next for Selby? There’s no easy defense (in my opinion) for him.

In a division there’s usually an easier route or option to becoming a world champion when mounting an assault on one of the governing body’s belts, but in this division there simply isn’t one.

The possible box office fights in this division are palpably exciting and to have a British fighter in the mix, makes it all the more spectacular in particular for people in my part of the world.

For me, the promoters have a huge chance of making major money and huge fights if they follow the Super 6 format in the coming years. Hold that thought, imagine if they had a Super 10 with all the best featherweights in the world!

There is no clear world champion in the division at the moment (even Ring Magazine has the spot vacant) and anyone in the top 10, could legitimately have a crack at becoming world champion.

I believe such a fantasy event bringing the ten best featherweights in the world together would be the most talked about and exciting event to ever happen in boxing.

Imagine the possible fights, Selby vs Walters, Walters vs Lomachenko, Mares vs Russell JR, you could talk about it for literally hours and who would possibly come out as the eventual winner.

The Super 6 format a few years ago involving the super middleweights worked out as an amazing spectacle, which put a lot of boxers in the big time (notably Carl Froch and Andre Ward). Just imagine it was the featherweight top 10 of 2015, an almost boxing nirvana if you will.

It would sellout stadiums, draw in new fans and give us boxing fans around the globe a mix of fighters we all want to see fight. I don’t think anyone hand on heart could honestly say who would win such a tournament, such would be the compelling nature and competitiveness of it.

The featherweight division (for me) is the hottest division in boxing right now. So for all you fight fans out there, get ready, the featherweights are taking over.

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