Cotto vs Geale Weigh-In

VIDEO: Cotto vs Geale Weigh-In

Published On June 6, 2015 | By Niall Doran | Boxing News

Cotto vs Geale Weigh-In

Cotto vs Geale Weigh-In

Amid concerns Daniel Geale might not make the 157 lbs catch weight, both men have now officially weighed-in ahead of tonight’s middleweight title fight in New York.


Tonight’s WBC middleweight title fight between Miguel Cotto and Daniel Geale promises to be an all action affair and one this writer is really looking forward to!

Many had worried coming into tonight’s match up, that Geale would really struggle to make the 157 lbs weight limit. After seeing him hit the scales, he certainly did look drained, but he did make 157 lbs bang on the weight to be fair to him.

Cotto on the other hand, came in well within the weight (153.6 lbs) and looked in terrific shape, fresh and ready to do. It remains to be seen what the weight making process might have taken out of Geale ahead of tonight’s bout and if he’ll have enough time to re-hydrate and get his strength back.

Here’s a clip of the weigh-in and final face off from the folks at HBO Boxing. Enjoy tonight’s action!

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