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Amir Khan’s Continued Refusal To Fight Kell Brook

by Niall Doran


Amir Khan’s Continued Refusal To Fight Kell Brook

Amir Khan's Continued Refusal To Fight Kell Brook

I’ve been a massive fan of Khan for his entire career but I have to say, his lack of interest in taking on fellow Brit Kell Brook in a massive world title fight this year, has left me a tad let down.


Fans’ Frustration


I don’t think I’m alone in that feeling either, I’d imagine most boxing fans would feel the same.

Don’t get me wrong, I completely understand he has been (and still is) chasing the lottery ticket that is the Mayweather fight, but recent comments he’s made this year have me wondering will he ever fight Kell Brook?

In the past Khan perhaps had good reasons for not taking the fight, stemming from Brook not been a known name, a world champion or have fought good opposition. I think those arguments are gone now.

Brook is the IBF welterweight champion of the world and did it the hard way by going to the States to win the title against a previously much hyped Shawn Porter. He’s also bounced back from a life threatening injury last year and just last weekend gone, showed he was in a different class entirely to Frankie Gavin.

Flat Out Refusal

I think the reason Khan doesn’t want to fight Brook (at least for the time being) is similar to the reason Ricky Hatton didn’t want to fight Junior Witter (many moons ago). He simply doesn’t like him, nor his promoter Eddie Hearn.


In his most recent interview on the topic with the folks at Boxingnewsonline, Khan flat out said “No”, when asked if there was any chance that the fight with Brook will happen in 2015:

I can see Khan’s point of view, to an extent. Eddie Hearn is a top promoter and perhaps some of his remarks from a position of power and success (that he’s experiencing at the moment) in terms of trying to force the issue with Khan and Brook, has possibly cheesed off the Bolton man a bit, who after all as he mentions above, is “his own boss”.

Anytime Khan has been asked about the Brook fight this year, he’s often responded by simply saying he has plenty of options and is in a brilliant division.

That is true, but what’s also correct is that other than a potential Mayweather mega fight, the next biggest match out there for him is undeniably Kell Brook (financially, credibility wise and legacy wise).

If the rumours according to the latest news are true, a potential October or November showdown in the Millennium Stadium between the pair would likely be nearly as a big as last year’s 80,000 bonanza between Carl Froch and George Groves.


If that isn’t a big incentive or a legacy fight, what is?

I’ve always liked Khan both as a fighter and as a bloke, he seems like a very decent lad. Maybe as his career has gone on, the constant questions relating to Kell Brook in recent years are just finally starting to wear him down a bit.

I mean, he must be getting them everywhere he goes when he’s back in the UK now.

Boxing can be a cruel game for fans at times, as when fights like this don’t get made, you are often left with the ‘what might have been’ feeling and even if they do get made eventually, your can be left with the ‘this should have happened years ago’ debate.


The fact of the matter is, both these extra talented welterweight fighters are in the prime of their athletic careers at the moment, riding big win streaks (one of whom is still undefeated), are big names and a world title would be on the line.

Logical and rational thought would say that the perfect time for this fight to happen is right now, this year, or at the very latest next year.

But as we all know in this game, anything can happen. An injury, a loss suffered by either man, could derail any hopeful plans for the fight ever happening.

That’s boxing for you. One day you can be buzzing with news of a big fight, the next you can be down at the dumps when fights don’t get made.

Lets hope the powers that be make another push for this and common sense can prevail, sooner rather than later.

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