things about mayweather and pacquiao

19 Things About Mayweather And Pacquiao You Might Not Know

Published On April 27, 2015 | By Niall Doran | Boxing News

19 Things About Mayweather And Pacquiao You Might Not Know

things about mayweather and pacquiao

Their the two finest boxers of their generation, here’s 19 things about them you may not know.


1. Dad Ate His Dog

From poverty to the pinnacle of a sport

Growing up in the Philippines, Manny’s family were so poor that his father ate one of his childhood dogs out of hunger.

Fast forward to today, that poverty is a distant memory for Pacquiao and he’s often seen accompanied by his loyal Jack Russell terrier.


2. Not Too Fond Of Lapdances

Floyd enjoying some female company

Despite his love of strip clubs and strippers according to a former Mayweather employee, Floyd doesn’t actually partake in receiving lap dances from any of the women.

It doesn’t stop him surrounding himself by large numbers of female company though, like in the shot above!


3. KO’d By A Body Shot

Not many fight fans realize that Manny Pacquiao was first defeated and knocked out all the way back in 1996, via a body shot from Filipino Rustico Torrecampo.

A thunderous punch to the solar plexus, leaving the “Pacman” unable to continue.


4. Despite ‘Money” Monarch, He’s As Charitable As They Come

He comes in for a lot of flack for his “Money” person that he’s adopted, but not many understand just how charitable Mayweather is.

He can often be seen feeding the homeless in Las Vegas like in the video above, along with regularly donating to other charitable causes with his vast wealth that he’s accumulated.


5. The First Man To Ever Stop The Great Erik Morales

A boxing feat as impressive as they come

In 2006 Manny Pacquiao became the first man to stop legendary Mexican warrior Erik Morales inside the distance, when he TKO’d him in the 10th round. Later that year he went on to KO Morales in 3 in a rematch.

Many were shocked to see Morales hit the canvas at the time.

Only Danny Garica has since stopped the Mexican legend, which was as the end of his career, as opposed to Pacquiao’s demolitions of Erik when he was still very much a force at the highest level.


6. Turned His Back On Crime Early On

Boxing was his craft

Floyd once spoke of how he and a childhood friend were meant to go to a house together one night in a drug run. At the last minute, Mayweather decided not to go as that life he decided wasn’t for him.

That childhood friend is now dead, Mayweather focused on boxing from an early age and never looked back.


7. Fake It Til You Make It

Anyone got any spare weights handy?

Manny started out at 105 lbs, hard to imagine since he has gone on to win world titles right up at 150 lbs and become one of boxing’s all time greats.

But when he made his debut, he was so light and skinny, he actually needed to put some extra weights in his pockets to make the light-flyweight limit at the time!


8. As A Baby Was In The Arms Of His Father As He Got Shot

Fighting all his life

Floyd’s father (Floyd Sr) had his pro boxing career derailed in his younger days, when his wife’s brother shot him in the leg during a family dispute.

To add to the madness of the situation, a then baby Floyd Mayweather, was being held in his fathers arms during the shooting – as an almost human shield.


9. Slept Rough Before Becoming Champ

A genuine rags to riches hero story

When Manny left his hometown to head to his country’s capital Manila to become a pro boxer, he had nothing to his name.

He used to sleep on the ground of boxing gyms and literally had ring canvas’s for a bed. A guy who really did start from nothing and worked his way to the top.

One seriously inspirational dude.


10. Only Sports Star In History Never To Have Major Sponsorship Deal

Money’s gonna do what Money’s gonna do

Most major sports stars have had a corporate sponsor or major endorsement deal during the careers. Not Floyd though.

Despite being voted the highest paid athlete on Earth for the last number of years, virtually none of his income has come from endorsements.

He likes to do things his own way and promote his own company’s brand, “The Money Team”.


11. Earned Less Than $1 For First Fight

Things have changed now, just a tad bit.

Manny Pacquiao earned less than $1 for his first pro fight in 1995. Compare this to Mayweather’s first check of $25,000 for his pro debut in 1996.

Those days are now long gone, with Mayweather guaranteed a minimum purse of $180 million and Pacquiao $120 million for their mega fight.


12. Teetotaller

Clean livin

Although Mayweather is often seen in night clubs partying and dishing out bottles of champagne to his entourage, he doesn’t partake in the actual drinking himself.

Mayweather has never drank, smoked a cigarette or taken drugs in his life. Its no wonder he’s had such a long career.


13. Crazy Entourage

The Pacquiao army

Manny likes to be around people all the time, its a trait that a lot of Filipino’s have apparently.

His entourage is one of legend though. When he fought Chris Algieri in 2014 Algieri flew in with 6 team members for the fight, Pacquiao with 3 private jets carrying over 300 team members into Macao, China. That’s a big team!


14. $250k Ferrari For Daughter’s 14th Birthday

He can certainly splash the cash

Floyd’s always been known to spend big on cars, gambling and the like, but spends equally as big on his kids. He recently bought his daughter a brand new Ferrari worth a whopping $250,000 dollars for her 14th birthday.

No doubt young Mayweather will be looking forward to trying it out in a couple of years time, when she’s of the legal driving age.


15. Where The Nickname ‘Pacman’ Really Comes From

This may surprise you

Contrary to popular belief, Manny Pacquiao’s nickname “Pac-Man” was not based on a Japanese arcade game that some have suggested.

Rather, it is actually a combination of the first syllables of his first (“MAN” from Manny) and last name (“PAC” from Pacquiao).


16. Unorthodox Training Techniques

Not your standard diet and training regiment

Even though he is pound for pound the best boxer in the world, he’s known to seriously gorge on fast food to make up for his lack of drinking and smoking.

His training regimes are not like anyone else either. While others sleep in the middle of the night, Floyd can often be found pounding the pavements of Las Vegas on regular six mile runs.

He once turned to a friend in a night club, while clothed in jeans and boots and asked him did he want to get some road work in. The friend who was also a boxer, laughed, while Floyd was deadly serious and took off out of the club like a gazelle to get some road work in.


17. Fear Of Water

Everyone’s afraid of something

He maybe one of the toughest men on the face of the Earth and one of the best boxers ever, but like us all, he has his weaknesses.

Manny’s kryptonite? Water. He hates swimming and doesn’t like getting in pools or the sea.


18. Once Duped By A Professional Con Artist

Can happen to anyone

He’s one of the best boxing businessmen ever, but even Floyd Mayweather has had the wool pulled over his eyes in the past.

According to a former employee of Mayweather, a character apparently known as “Three Dollar Joe”, once caught Mayweather out in an elaborate $15 million dollar scam that involved a type of bogus, get rich quick scheme.


19. The Only Singer/Politician/Boxer Combo In History 


Talented chap

There’s been high level boxers who’ve had a go at rapping and indeed some who have had a successful stint in politics, but no one has done all three on such a level as Manny – that we know of anyway!

He’s a pound for pound great, a congressman in the Philippines and he’s sold music records in his native country. Some people really do have it all.


Well there it is, our 19 interesting facts about Floyd and Manny that you might not have known. If you think we’ve missed out on any, drop us a message on Facebook or on Twitter @BoxingNAV – we’d be delighted to hear some more!

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