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Andy Lee World Title Win Proof Nice Guys Can Finish First

by Niall Doran


Andy Lee World Title Win Proof Nice Guys Can Finish First

andy lee world title win

No matter what happens on Saturday when WBO middleweight champion Andy Lee faces “Kid Chocolate”, no one can deny the Irish man’s achievements to date


It’s been a lifetime of work for Limerick’s Andy Lee to get to this point in his professional boxing career and become WBO middleweight world champion. His win before Christmas is testament that the old saying “nice guys finish last” isn’t always true.

In a sport where thick skin is a prerequisite for survival, behind the scenes and indeed now common knowledge, it’s widely known that Irishman Lee is one of the genuinely good guys in the game.

It was a conversation with a friend I had recently that really hit this point home. After we spoke I thought to myself, has Andy Lee ever actually said anything even mildly derogatory to one of his opponents or about anyone publicly? It puzzled me for  a second, then I realized it was because he hadn’t.

When you look at the adversity he’s overcome in his career in terms of losing his long term mentor and coach Emanuel Steward, to then re-inventing himself with Adam Booth as a more complete boxer-puncher with dynamite in either fist now, it’s a  really admirable story.

Throughout the ups and downs, he’s done it all with a smile on his face. In a sport where harsh remarks are the norm between a lot of the character’s involved, it’s refreshing to see one of the good guys doing well and reaching the top of his profession.

The good guy persona will be quickly forgotten however when he looks to take Peter Quillin’s head off on Saturday night. Judging by how the Irishman has spoken and acted since becoming champion, he seems to be embracing the title and not getting comfortable or complacent, like some fighters have fell victim to in the past.

This very well could lead to the best version of the Limerick native on Saturday, in what promises to be a fantastic fight with Peter “Kid Chocolate” Quillin.

Andy Lee, one of boxing’s good guys.

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