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Our chat with Lightning Lloyd Ellett

by Niall Doran


lightning lloyd ellett
Picture: Lloyd Ellett Twitter (@lightningbolt07)


By Niall Doran

Recently we had the chance to speak with undefeated (16-0, 4KO) light middleweight ‘Lightning Bolt’ Lloyd Ellett ahead of his latest bout this Friday at York Hall. Here’s our conversation with Lloyd.

The 27th will mark the first time you box under Frank Warren, how have you found them to work with so far?


“Yes, everything has been great, so far. All that’s needed to be done has been done so it’s all been smooth.”

So far you’ve remained unbeaten as a professional. How important do you think the ‘0’ is these days in boxing for marketing a fighter, when fans see the likes of Floyd Mayweather speaking about his undefeated record all the time?

“It’s important to the public and I guess the media as they stress a lot of importance on it. Of course, it looks impressive the higher the number next to it but it’s not so important the further along the line you go. If you look at Pac or Sugar Ray Robinson, they both lost five or more but look how great they are. It’s more important that you fight the best than remain unbeaten and anything can happen in boxing, to be fair.”

Is boxing at a historic British boxing venue like York Hall on the 27th something your looking forward to?

“Yeah, I’ve always, always wanted to fight there both in the amateurs and the pros and never had the chance to, but now it’s not only my first televised fight but my first at York Hall as well.”

How strict is your diet at the moment as you approach fight night?


“Its strict, yes, but at the same time I’m actually weighing what I’ve got to weigh and I’m still eating and drinking every day. I live in the lanes in Brighton so everything you can think of is around me and I have to walk past every bakery, café, restaurants and everything every single day!”

What’s your favourite thing about your job of being a professional fighter?

“Ooh, erm, cor, that’s a tough one. I’d probably say fight night, the feeling that you get is the reason that you do it. I obviously like the training but its hard, very hard. I like fight week because all the hard work has been done and you know that you put it all in and that’s when you start to feel good. Building up to that in training, you’re always feeling tired but on that Monday before the fight you can relax a bit and be proud.”

Most boxers are fairly fearless individuals and probably some of the most courageous human beings in all of society, but is there any fears you have outside the ring like heights, spiders, etc? 🙂

“I’m alright with things like spiders and insects but do you know what I don’t like, and it’s funny obviously living in Brighton, is seagulls! Sometimes you see lunatics feeding them bread and you don’t just get one, you get a hundred!”

Without looking past the 27th too much, what’s your ultimate goal in the game and where do you see yourself in say, 3 years time?

“Obviously all I’m thinking bout is the 27th, but the plan is to start picking up more belts and climbing up the rankings. Within three years I’d like to have the British title which is the ultimate goal for every boxer, you’re at the level then to be in the mix for world titles. I’ve not got a retirement date in mind because I’m on the up at the moment and want to see it keep going. I think that you know in yourself when your time is up and I trust the good people I’ve got around me to know that as well.”

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