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Tom Doran wins Prizefighter; Jones stops Rose in 1

by Peter Wells


tom doran wins prizefighter

By Peter Wells


Nothing could have prepared Brian Rose for what struck him last night as he suffered a stunning 1st round stoppage defeat to former Welterweight Carson Jones.

The headlines will all be about the manner of the stoppage, with Ian John-Lewis stepping in too early, after Rose’s legs did the dance that hinted they were not completely supporting Rose’s body. John-Lewis had reason to step in, but should have allowed the fighter an opportunity, especially so early in the fight.


Until that point everything was going well for the Blackpool fighter, catching Jones several times with solid jabs and a nice straight right. That was all before a jolting right hand had Rose in trouble, and not throwing back, Jones went for the kill sensing this may be his one opportunity. While many shots were blocked multiple more found the chin of Rose which sent the home fighter off balance prompting the stoppage.

Rose has demanded a rematch, and Jones will need a decent pay check although he admits to enjoying fighting in England. Should Eddie Hearn lure Jones into a second contest, the American will have all the confidence he needs that he can catch and hurt the natural Light Middleweight. Rose would need to look at why he got caught in the first place and eradicate that in the return if he is to avoid a similar fate.


Tom Doran held onto his unbeaten record and took home £34,000 plus the Prizefighter tournament trophy. All in all a good night for the chirpy Welshman who improved over the night to 14-0(4), beating Craig Cunningham, Luke Keeler and former finalist Cello Renda.

In the opening contest, Cello Renda set a statement with a first round stoppage of the far less experienced Liam Conroy. Renda issued Conroy with his 3rd professional defeat in 10 fights, dropping him 3 times in the opener, eventually forcing a stoppage.

Jack Arnfield could count himself very lucky to escape the opening round with a split decision win, which included a dubious 30-27 scorecard for Arnfield when Mick Hall clearly won the opener.


Arnfield turned it up in the final round, which he seemed to clearly win, but it was the second round that was tough to split. Hall started well in that round, although Arnfield finished it well, albeit I thought Hall nicked the 2nd.

Hall was slick in the opening half of the fight, making Arnfield miss and leading him onto several shots. Arnfield showed a good straight right, but benefited more from Hall switching off when he needed to keep the tempo up.

Luke Keeler did not completely back up his claim as the pre-tournament favourite, but he came through Luke Crowcroft with a points win, winning rounds 1 and 3.

Keeler started fast, ripping Crowcroft with uppercuts, looking both solid and robotic at the same time. Keeler dipped in the 2nd but regained some momentum in the 3rd, but thanks to a drop in work-rate, especially with the jab, from Crowcroft.

Tom Doran came through a tough fight with fellow unbeaten Craig Cunningham. Doran was fortuitous to score a knockdown in the opening round when his arm landed on the side of the head of Cunningham sending him to the canvas.

Cunningham was much better in the 2nd, somehow one judge scored that round to Doran, but Doran changed his tactics in the final round, and in a quiet round he did just enough to win it on the cards.


Luck was not on Arnfield’s side in the semi’s however as the work-rate prevailed for Renda against the cleaner and better work of Arnfield.

Renda threw an incredible volume of punches, and Arnfield had to go with him for the most part, but covered up well and landed several noticeable punches, but the none-stop punching and the ring generalship of Renda is what prevailed for two of the scoring judges in a cracking contest.

The Prizefighter tournament will always see fighters take their battle scars with them into the next battle, and for Luke Keeler those scars were a cut left eye and a damaged right hand. It would all be too much to overcome as the Irishman was beaten by Tom Doran on the cards.

Doran was the better man in the opening two rounds, boxing well, not allowing Keeler to land much at all, albeit that had something to do with Keeler not letting his hands go as he should have done, or how he did late in the final round.

In the final it was time for Doran to shine, after a tough opening round, where Renda boxed well, Doran looking as though the short break due to Scotty Cardle’s early win was effecting him.

Doran instead came out stronger in the second, picking his shots well, showing the same boxing skill that had got him to the final in the first place.

With Renda tiring, Doran couldn’t miss with the right hand and then Renda walked onto a perfectly placed short left hook that sent him sprawling to the canvas. Renda rose at 9, but the wear-and-tear and tiredness was in the eyes of Renda and the fight was waved off.

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