Legendary Boxing Nights: Steve Collins vs Chris Eubank

Published On February 9, 2015 | By Niall Doran | Boxing News

steve collins vs chris eubank

By Niall Doran


Recently I’ve found myself watching a lot more classic fights, boxing documentaries and older fight footage. its been fairly enjoyable I must admit. Looking at boxing’s rich history, it reminds you of why this sport is so special, whether it be the dramatic rise to glory stories, the compelling ups and downs the sport musters up, a vintage knockout or a titanic battle of wills.

I came across the full fight video the other day of the first duel between super middleweights Steve Collins and Chris Eubank, where Irish man Collins captured the WBO crown from the Englishman Eubank on the night after a close, hard fought points victory in front of an electric partisan Irish crowd.

After watching the footage back for the first time in a few years, and taking in all the build up and pre-fight mind games, it reminded me of how my love for the sport first began as a kid. I remember at the time Steve Collins (being a fellow Irish man) had the whole country talking about the fight, and the ever enigmatic Eubank added fuel to the fire with his usual colorful gusto.

However it was Collins who won the mind games on this occasion, with his hypnotist he hired to help in preparation for the fight. The battle hardened (and undefeated at the time) Eubank was never so rattled in his career. The whole theatre, excitement and magnetism of the Sky Sports production below still makes for gripping viewing. Nearly 20 years on from that famous night in Milstreet (perhaps a tad biasedly) the deafening roars of “Stevo!Stevo!” from Irish fight fans still comes across as passionately as ever.

What an incredible fight, between two men who truly embody what the word “warrior” is all about in my opinion.


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