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Will Brian Rose Produce Valentines Day Massacre of Jones?

by Jack Connor


will brian rose produce valentines day massacre of jones

By Jack Connor


On Valentines Day Brian Rose takes on Carson Jones at the Winter Gardens in Blackpool in what may be the most important fight of his career. Rose was stopped in seven rounds last summer by an impressive looking Demetrius Andrade but this fight against an experienced contender will go some way to proving whether Rose is cut out for the world level or not.

A big problem Rose will face against the more skilled and experienced opponents is his lack of one punch knockout power. Of his 26 professional wins only 8 have come inside the distance and it really did show against Andrade. Andrade is not the bulkiest light- middleweight out there but Rose’s shots seemed to cause him little or no pain whatsoever and his usually razor sharp defense was picked apart at will by a superior opponent.



So, his opponent. Many will remember Carson Jones for giving Kell Brook a problem or two in their first encounter back in 2012 and even though he was stopped in their rematch Jones is a solid fighter who will give Rose some things to think about next Saturday. He has a good KO percentage of around 67% and his work rate and chin are also very good. Rose can also boast a terrific work rate and fitness which has allowed him to gain the upper hand on many of his opponents in the past and this fight is certain to be his most intriguing and probably closest match up yet. Jones has a good if not patchy record so far in his career boasting a record of 36-10-3-2 in a 51 fight career, whereas Rose has a more impressive record of 26-2-1. One possible advantage Carson Jones has is that he has fought fighters of different nationalities and therefore many different styles of boxing which means he may be able to second guess what Rose’s next move will be.


For Rose, he will have to do exactly what Kell Brook did in their first fight and simply outwork Jones. I cannot see Rose knocking Carson Jones out so instead he should concentrate on working the body early and slowing Jones down and eliminating any power advantage the American may have. Basically, do exactly what he did against Alcine and Maciel but be on his guard even more as Jones is definitely no mug.

Rose previously said that after his victory over Jason Rushton which left his opponent in hospital with brain injuries, that he never wanted to fight again. There have been talks that if Rose does lose to Jones that Rose may consider retirement again. At 29 he still has many years ahead of him but will another setback on his quest to become a world champion be too much to take?

Personally, I think Rose is a European level fighter. He has tremendous work rate and is as fit as a butcher’s dog but the power just isn’t there and to be at the very top you have to have that burst of power and his KO percentage is barely over 30%. I admire Rose for what he has achieved in the sport and I wish him all the best for this Saturday. Do it for Blackpool Brian!

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