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Middleweight John Ryder: Good Talent But Needs To Improve

by David Noronha


Middleweight John Ryder: Good Talent But Needs To Improve

By David Noronha


On Saturday night, middleweight John Ryder had a golden opportunity to get some positive press. After Saunders and Eubank Jr’s epic encounter back in November, the young Londoner really needed to show his worth to avoid marginalisation. Fighting against an opponent, who had only trained three weeks prior to the bout led many writers to expect a decent showing by Ryder. However, what ensued proved otherwise.

Godoy’s disinterest in engaging in any meaningful exchanges resulted in boos coupled with sustained periods of silence. Given the fact this was the first proper British boxing card of the year, reinforces how dull the affair truly was. Naturally those in attendance soon turned to their phones. Some booed loudly and a minority hurled insults to both fighters. John, cannot be blamed for his opponent’s fighting style at all. I do believe though, that John had the capacity to push the pace a lot more effectively. As I have said, Godoy only began training three weeks prior owing to him being a replacement.


Examining Ryder’s punch output, you would never have believed he was coming off a productive training camp. As Eddie Hearn reminded those in attendance post-fight, Ryder had scored a knock-out victory, but this failed to put a hugely positive spin on proceedings. Many of us were grateful the referee stopped the fight simply because more exciting encounters loomed. And I honestly doubt Ryder was capable of putting Godoy away in a decisive manner on that night.

A win’s a win but the manner of victory is escalating in importance for John now. Martin Murray has a world title fight later this month, meanwhile Saunders and Eubank Jr can boast of substantial fan-bases following their exploits in November. Ultimately, for John’s stock to rise, he will have to show more urgency in the ring. Boxing is a form of entertainment especially when it’s televised; due to his lacklustre showing I envisage the route to the British title being that much harder. Adam Etches continues to impress, and his loyal fan-base arguably makes him the bigger draw than Ryder. Not many foresaw this occurring six months ago.

All in all, John Ryder remains a talented fighter. Luckily for him, he has plenty of motivators in regards to his boxing career: Kevin Mitchell, Anthony Joshua and Tony Sims will continue to push him forwards. Ryder’s next encounter will be telling, we are likely to learn more about the forgotten man in the British middleweight division. Hopefully positive feelings will subsequently be evoked.

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