Mike Tyson and Niall Doran - Limerick 2012

***Message to DBB followers – Bye For Now – Niall Doran***

Hi guys,

Recently I have accepted two new job offers, one will be a new full time role I will be relocating to Dublin for and the other will be as a free lance boxing writer for About.com, so I will now seldom be posting on the blog due to new commitments on my time.

However, the blog will still be kept open for our Sunday post-fight analysis segments, which will be posted by our boxing journalist superstar – Peter Wells. In my opinion he is one of the best boxing analysts and objective writers out there. I have absolutely no doubt he will go on to become a big name in boxing/sports journalism over time. Continue to support him.

Although I will now only be popping on here (and on Facebook a couple of times a week) and writing the very occasional article every couple of months, I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank ye all for continuing to support the blog and this great sport that we all love.

Its been a great journey the last year and a half since the blog started out and one I’ve enjoyed immensely. I’d also like to thank the other contributors to the blog over the last year for their quality insights.

I’m not going away for good, I just won’t be on here as regularly any more. I am now moving onto a new chapter in my life and looking forward towards new goals and challenges.

Remember to log on to About.com in the future to catch up on my latest boxing thoughts and opinions (first article should be up in June). I’ll more than likely post the links on here anyway too for ye.

In closing, thanks for everything, its been epic.

PS – My weekend prediction – Groves to beat Froch!

Always your boxing friend,
Niall Doran

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