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Stevenson Beats Fonfara – Weekend Roundup

by Niall Doran


Stevenson Beats Fonfara

By Peter Wells

Stevenson Beats Fonfara

Just like the great saying, ‘you learn something new every day’, with Stevenson you learn something different about him in the ring every time he fights. Last night boxing fans saw the great body punching of ‘Superman’ Stevenson as he made Fonfara suffer several body crunching shots, a key to victory against an unrelenting challenger.

But on the other side, Fonfara also reminded fans of the vulnerabilities in Stevenson’s arsenal as he touched the canvas in round 9 of a fight he otherwise dominated retaining his WBC Light Heavyweight title with a unanimous decision win.


Fonfara came out on the front foot, looking to beat Stevenson to the punch and ultimately the KO. That tactic only resulted in a huge straight left sending the Polish fighter to the canvas. Stevenson boxed patiently but turned up the intensity slowly, whacking away as Fonfara looked on the brink of being stopped.

Fonfara survived the opener and did well in the 2nd, stinging Stevenson with a double right hand. Stevenson remained behind a patient jab and lead straight lefts, hoping that Fonfara’s aggression would once again lead him onto Stevenson’s million dollar weapon.

Stevenson’s maturity in the ring continued to show as he dug to the body instead of just simply head hunting as he dominated all 180 seconds of round 3.

Fonfara’s success with the right hand had disappeared as Stevenson’s timing and reflexes were in perfect synergy with the left cross.

The visitor’s task was made tougher in the 4th as a cut opened up over his right eye, which would be assisted in getting worse by the left cross of Adonis.

A straight left to the midsection of Fonfara then felled Fonfara for a second time in round 5, but the tough Pole quickly recovered, but continued to walk on to hurtful shots, including a few more solid body punches.


Fonfara was then hurt again by a shot to the body, and for the first time in the fight he back-pedalled to steer clear of what Stevenson had to offer.

Stevenson’s chin – that many had as his main weakness – was given a thorough check on several occasions, and it stood tall to the powerful right hand of Fonfara, another tick in the box of the Stevenson manual.

That was until round 9 as Stevenson began to tire and became far too comfortable, and he was sent flying from his comfort zone in the 9th as he was caught square on and hit the canvas from a straight right. Fonfara went somewhat for broke and while landing 4 or 5 more good rights he didn’t have Stevenson in trouble again. But the knockdown was certainly a wakeup call for Stevenson who had begun to settle too much.

Stevenson woke up in the 10th as he came right at Fonfara, landing another stinging left cross to the jaw, pushing Fonfara onto the back foot for the majority of the stanza. Stevenson came out with similar intensity in the 11th, the left uppercut now finding a home under Fonfara’s chin. Stevenson then finished in style as he began playing to the crowd as he went for the knockout once again, even though he was a mile ahead on the cards.

Adonis Stevenson 24-1(20) won by scorecards of 115-110 (twice) and 116-109 as the gutsy Andrzej Fonfara dropped to 25-3(15).

David Lemieux Knocks Out Fernando Guerrero

Stevenson Beats Fonfara

In the co-feature, David Lemieux showed some explosiveness of his own as he jumped to 32-2(30) as he stopped fellow puncher – albeit nowhere near as powerful as Lemieux – Fernando Guerrero 26-3(19).

In the opener Lemieux shook Guerrero late in the round, although when Guerrero went down it was ruled a slip. Lemieux however knew he had Guerrero hurt and went for the knockdown, flooring Guerrero before he was saved by the bell.

Guerrero went down again late in the 2nd, very similarly to the first as he was hurt by the money punch – the left hook – and once again Lemieux went into attack mode. A nasty gash had also opened up above the right eye of Guerrero, which to his credit; he never made a fuss about when the blood appeared.

The end came in the 3rd as Guerrero took a knee, wanting the doctor to check his eye, Lemieux then slammed Guerrero into the ropes before a final volley of shots left him on his back. A culmination of it being the 4th knockdown in 3 rounds and the blood pouring from Guerrero’s eye left the referee with no choice but to call off the count.

Charlo was dominant for much of the fight, if not spectacular, as he bossed the contest behind an intelligent jab and good combination punching. The lead left hook was a particular weapon of choice for Charlo, twin brother of Jermall.

Charlo did hit the canvas in the 3rd, part slip, part punch, but a legit knockdown without a doubt. But that momentary success was as good as it got for Ohta, who put forth a game effort, even if it came to no reward. Charlo did however suffer a point deduction later in the fight for repeated low blows

The contest was scrappy at times but after 12 rounds Charlo took the victory 115-111 & 118-109 (twice) moving to 24-0(11) while Ohta dropped to 24-2-1(16).

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