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DBB Bets #Addition 4 – The Pacman Of Old Could Return

by Niall Doran


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By Niall Doran

Pacquiao vs Bradley 2 – The Rematch!

This Saturday sees the long awaited rematch finally come to fruition between “The Pacman” and “Desert Storm”.

Without getting into particulars or harping on over old ground too much, I think its very fair to say that the vast majority of people all think Pacquiao deserved to win the first encounter only to be robbed on the judges scorecards.


However, that was then and this now. A lot has changed since then. For one thing Bradley has improved a hell of a lot and will be out to prove everyone wrong and that Manny doesn’t have the killer instinct any more. Maybe he’ll be proved right but I just don’t feel in my heart of hearts that he will to tell you the truth. I really think that kind of talk from Bradley (saying his opponent has lost his killer instinct) is exactly the motivation that Manny needs and could spark the old Pacquiao to return with an explosive knock out somewhere in the 2nd half of the fight.

If I was a betting man this weekend I’d look at the following markets for a potential flutter:

Enjoy the action fight fans!

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