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The Tony Bellew Cruiserweight Transformation – A Bomber Rejuvenated?

by Niall Doran


The Tony Bellew Cruiserweight Transformation - A Bomber Rejuvenated?

By Niall Doran

Mental State After Being KO’d By Stevenson

I just watched a live interview with Tony Bellew there on Sky Sports News this afternoon and I have to say that he seemed very calm, relaxed and generally content. A far cry from times in the past where I’ve seen him very emotional and hyped up before fights, could this be the new Tony Bellew?

After a devastating defeat like the one he suffered to Adonis Stevenson late last year there are always going to be questions regarding a fighters psychological state and will he will bounce back? I think he can to be honest.


The Tony Bellew Cruiserweight Revamp

First off he’s not having that horrible burden of starving himself and killing himself to make the light-heavyweight limit any more. Not many people know but Tony Bellew in his amateur days was actually a heavyweight and a fairly big hitting one at that, hence the nickname “Bomber”.

That nickname was given to him all those years ago and some people within the game are saying that we could see that old aggressive Tony Bellew again at cruiser weight and see some big knock outs, which he was once renowned for.

Of course there is a little bit more to making a step up in weight than simply grabbing the fork and stuffing your face. A move like this for an athlete on the professional level of Bellew would have been carefully monitored and done scientifically and gradually over time to ensure body fat percentages were kept low and muscle mass high. With renowned nutritionist and strength and conditioner Kerry Kayes on his team this would have being done to an absolute tee, trust me.

Potential Match Ups Down The Road At Cruiser

This weekend he fights a full fledged cruiser in Valery Brudov of Russia who can also dig with 28 of his wins coming by way of knock out. If there is any questions on Bellew’s chin at the weight, these will certainly be answered this Saturday.


I believe he’ll be stronger and more resilient at this weight though and I expect him to put on a spectacular show to be honest and somewhere along the way concuss the tough Russian.

Down the line there is some brilliant match ups in the division with champions like the all action Marco Huck currently reigning at the weight. Of course the big one domestically would be the rematch with his bitter rival Nathan Cleverly, now that would be one I’d pay to see:-)

Beware of “The Bomber” at cruiser weight!

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