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Will The Old Manny Pacquiao Return In Bradley Rematch?

by Niall Doran


Will The Old Manny Pacquiao Return In Bradley Rematch?

By Niall Doran

Will The Old Manny Pacquiao Return In Bradley Rematch?

I’m not quite sure to tell you the truth. If you look at his last performance against Brandon Rios I think there was certainly signs of the old Manny in terms of blistering hand speed, in and out and side to side movement/angles, lightning quick feet and of course those scintillating combinations!

The First Fight

When you look at the first fight honestly I’d be hard pressed to find many genuine fight fans who really thought that Bradley deserved to win that fight, truthfully. Sure he got the decision but I think the general boxing world knows that Manny won the fight.

You can put it down to gross incompetence on the judges part and this time around in their second fight it will be interesting to see who the judges selected are. They will be under heavy scrutiny, for sure.

In their first encounter Manny dominated the fight in my opinion and even if I was to be kind to Bradley I would have to say Pacquiao won the fight by at least 8 rounds to 4, at the very least. At the time Bradley did say he was suffering from injuries during the fight so to be fair to him he may not have being at his best on that particular occasion.

A Lot Has Changed Since Then

However since the first fight both men have gone through quite a few changes in and out of the ring.

Pacquiao for one suffered that devastating loss against Marquez and took a long lay off to pursue his political career to since bounce back in the ring with the win against Rios.

Bradley on the other hand had to contend with a tirrade of fan backlash in the aftermath of the first Pacuquiao fight and has since went on to have a fight of the year slugfest with Provodnikov but more recently and more impressively – showcased his all round boxing game with a magnificent win over Juan Manuel Marquez.

For me, I would say out of the two that Bradley has improved the most since their first encounter. However the big question is will the old Manny Pacquiao return in the Bradley rematch? A lot of people (including Bradley) seems to think that his best days are behind him and that killer instinct he was once famed for is now gone.

I’m not sure it has though, time will tell!

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