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Could Mandatory Instant Replay In Boxing Be Coming Soon?

by Niall Doran


Instant Replay In Boxing

By Niall Doran

Instant Replay In Boxing

In recent weeks there has been strong speculation and sounds emanating out of the WBC (World Boxing Council) that instant replay could be on its way into the sport of boxing on a more permanent basis. The WBC feel that instant replay should by a mandatory thing and many fight fans around the world (myself included) would agree with them.

It is good to see one of our sport’s world governing bodies, who have (like the others) come in for criticism over the years, look to proactively make positive change and embrace the 21st century in the sport. If you look across so many other sports where instant replay is used to great effect it is a wonder why it’s not already been used in the sweet science.

Its Roll Out And Current Use In Boxing

The implementation of the rule and its use was recently seen in Mexico when the Boxing Commission of the State of Mexico used instant replay on a card that took place at the World Trade Centre Mexiquense. It played a huge part in ensuring justice was served in the main event of the evening between Mexican Pablo Cesar Cano and Columbian Fernando Angulo.

During the contest it appeared that there was a cut caused by a clash of heads right between the middle of Cano’s eyes. The cut was so severe that the bout had to be halted at the end of round 9. However upon closer inspection through the use of instant replay you could clearly see that the cut was caused by a tremendous punch from the Columbian Angulo which rightly earned him a TKO victory as opposed to the bout having to go to the scorecards (or if it happened early in the fight the bout could have been ruled a no contest).

What Could It Mean For The Future Of Boxing?

The above example for me is tangible evidence that proves the wonders that technology can do in boxing. When you think about this great sport, as much as we all love it, it has been filled with controversy through the years.

Whether its dodgey judging, poor refereeing, fouls that go unnoticed or just general human error, if ever there was a sport that instant replay technology could benefit surely it would be boxing?

Think of all those controversial decisions through the years it could have alleviated whether it be Roy Jones in the Olympics, the Lennox Lewis v Evander Holyfield 1st fight, Pacquiao v Bradley, Mayweather almost getting robbed against Canelo by the now infamous retired judge CJ Ross, or even the recent referee stoppage of Carl Froch v George Groves in their first encounter which many felt was prematurely stopped by the ref.

The use of instant replay could be very profound for the sport and could do a great deal to help stamp out the often controversial decisions and officiating that can portray the sport in a negative light despite it been the greatest sport on Earth.

This boxing writer for one is all in favour of a mandatory roll out globally of instant replay in boxing, get cracking on it WBC!

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