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Carl Froch vs George Groves 2 Biggest Fight In British Boxing History

by Niall Doran


Carl Froch vs George Groves 2 Biggest Fight In British Boxing History

By Niall Doran

Carl Froch vs George Groves 2 Biggest Fight In British Boxing History!

Ah yes, it’s official. Contracts signed on live TV, hats off chaps, already kicking off a mouthwatering show with drama and excitement – be fitting of how epic this event really will be and believe me when I say it will be EPIC.

I think this is a fight that could really and I mean really bring boxing to the forefront of national attention to casual sports fans and even people who usually have no interest in boxing or sport in general. It’s going to be that big, huge even!

The Story

There is such a story line to back up the commercial promotion of this event, its quite extraordinary really. First off these guys genuinely don’t like each other which always ads to a big boxing event like this.

That fight they had last year for me has to be up there for one of the best fights I’ve seen on TV in recent years. What a scrap. No doubt Groves boxed the far better fight than Froch did that night but “The Cobra” showed just why he has built up a reputation of being a warrior over the years.

I’ve been a fan of Froch for years going back to when he beat Robin Reid and I always said back then that one day this man would get the respect he deserves one day, I’m glad to say I was right. That punch he got decked by in the first round against Groves would have easily concussed the majority of professional boxers. Not Froch. He got up and did what he always does – battled on. The amount of clean shots he proceeded to take throughout the fight was unbelievable, he really has got an iron chin.

Groves on the other hand proved first of all that he certainly belongs at world level and then some. Going into the fight he had parted company with his long term trainer/mentor Adam Booth, had to contend with legal battles and was very much on his own bar his new trainer and strength and conditioner. I saw a picture during the week that really hammered home this point, where you could see before the fight started that Froch had about 10 other people in the ring with him in his entourage where as Groves just had his trainer. Groves for me proved that he has character of genuine substance and worth, and without doubt will be a big force in boxing over the next few years.

I think the main sticking point with most fans is that the fight didn’t finish with a natural conclusion. Groves fans say it was stopped too early while Froch fans argue Froch was robbed of an opportunity to close the show. Whatever your opinion is, this time we will get a final answer.

The Fight

This time around I think Froch and his trainer Robert McCracken will have to assess the damage and certinaly make some big adjustments to the fight plan. I think to myself though, what can they really do? Froch is a seasoned fighter at this stage who really only fights one way most of the time (with the exception of when he used the jab and boxed beautifully against Arthur Abraham). The thing is though he had a reach advantage that night and he doesn’t enjoy that same benefit against Groves.

Groves showed that he had the better boxing brain, faster hands, faster feet and more punch variety. I think where Groves can improve is not getting into such a war as the second half of the fight progresses. If you look at how he started the fight he was beating Froch to the punch and virtually every exchange but as the second half of the fight came around he started to get a little bit careless and perhaps a little bit tired (if we’re been honest).

If Groves can basically just do what he did last time but have a better engine for the duration of the full 12 rounds, I honesty can’t see how he can lose this one. I really cant.

I honestly feel that this fight could really transcend boxing on this side of the Atlantic and draw in a huge amount casual observers. With talks of big stadiums contending to host the fight, the publicity this contest could draw could be off the scale. This is is the type of fight in my opinion that will help grow the sport of boxing immeasurably and will help boxing over the next 5 years get back to where it once was, on terrestrial TV to the masses in the UK and Ireland. Watch and see my friends.

I can’t wait to see the twists and turns in the coming months before this one, roll on the epic build up!

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