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Another David Haye Ring Return Looks On The Cards Yet Again

by Niall Doran


Another David Haye Ring Return looks on the cards yet again

By Niall Doran

David Haye Ring Return – It doesn’t really come as a surprise to me any more when I read online or on Twitter that David Haye is talking about making a comeback…

Last year alone he pulled out of 3 different fights between Manuel Charr and the two different Tyson Fury fights. Forgive me for been a little skeptical but I think we have the right as boxing fans to take what he says with just a little bit of a pinch of salt, so to speak.

The following are quotes from Haye last night where he was speaking at the launch of the Rocky Heavyweight collection on Blu-Ray in London:

“If my shoulder gets back to 85% of what it used to be, that’s more than enough. I’ll be happy with that,” he mentioned. “At the moment, I’m not that great. I can’t really do to much with it. I can’t run, for instance; the motion of running hurts my arm too much. But I’m not supposed to be running. It’s not part of my rehab programme.

“I haven’t given myself a timetable. It could take a year. It could take six months. I don’t know. Different doctors say different things. Some say, no problem, it’ll be OK. Others say that particular injury, you’ll be lucky to get 50% of the movement back.

“But if I get 85% back, I’ll still be knocking people out, for sure.”

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