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Al Haymon – The Most Powerful Man In World Boxing Today

by Niall Doran


(Originally posted on Feb 10th, 2014)

Al Haymon - The Most Powerful Man In World Boxing

Al Haymon – The Man, The Myth, The Legend.

When you think of some of boxing’s current super powers or top dogs globally, perhaps this man’s name and face does not always spring to mind for fight fans, but that’s just how he likes it.

Who is he?


To those who may not know who this man is, he is in essence the man who changed Floyd Mayweather’s career (from a business perspective) when Floyd left Top Rank a few years back and decided to become his own boss. He acts essentially as Mayweather’s chief advisor/manager and works closely with the CEO of Mayweather Promotions, Leonard Ellerbe.

His background is one of academic merit for sure, having studied Economics in Haravard but originally he started out in the music business before he came into the world of boxing around the year of 2000, with his first client been the late Vernon Forrest (RIP).

Mastermind Behind The Mayweather Brand Refresh

It is my belief and opinion, that this man masterminded the whole brand change of Mayweather from “The Pretty Boy” to “Money Mayweather” roughly around the time he came back from a break from the sport in 2009 to fight Juan Manuel Marquez. This move for me will go down in sports history eventually as arguably one of the best brand changes for an athlete ever.

During a time of economic doom and gloom for most in which the world perhaps felt its most vicious recession ever, he decided to turn Floyd into this obnoxious character who flaunted ignorant wealth and called himself “Money Mayweather”.

The result being many, many people beginning to take a serious dislike to Mayweather. This produced favourable results commercially though as more people wanting to see him lose, which made more people buy his fights, which put more money in both him and Al’s pockets. From a business standpoint, you have to take your hat off to them as they precisely went about this change to the “Money” persona right around the time the recession was as its worst. Coincidence? Not a chance. A calculated business move that has paid off in a massive way for all parties concerned.

Incredible Clout

As of early 2014 Haymon not only manages the highest paid athlete (by far) in all of sports worldwide in Mayweather, but he also looks after a host of other big name fighters. He played an instrumental part in the last couple of years in getting Mayweather some of the biggest financial packages ever given to a sports man in history and also played a big part in getting “Money” his current mega TV deal with the US network Showtime .

His influence and clout is quite extraordinary but what’s even more remarkable is that you can’t find any interviews from the guy anywhere online and he very seldom likes to appear in front of the cameras. He’s essentially the ultimate ‘behind the scenes guy’ who without doubt in my opinion is the most powerful man in world boxing today.

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