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Bob Arum Compares Mayweather To Hitler

by Niall Doran


Bob Arum Compares Mayweather To Hitler

By Niall Doran

Early Morning Surprise

I woke up this morning (Irish time) to do my usual morning scan of latest news and happenings in the world of the sweet science, only to stumble across a rather unusual headline. I like to think that not many things surprise me any more when it comes to boxing, but alas, good ol Bob Arum (aged 82) prompted the raising of an eyebrow today. As I read the statements I found myself asking “Does this guy really mean this or is it a sign his old age is starting to get the better of him?”.

Floyd Mayweather’s Current Situation

At the moment it is well known that Floyd Mayweather has made public that he wants to let the fans decide who is his next opponent will be on May 3rd at the MGM Grand, Las Vegas. The two contestants to which he has put the decision out to public tender are Britain’s Amir Khan and Argentina’s Marcos Maidana. This from a publicity point of view (and mind games perspective), is another move that illustrates’s Mayweather’s current power within world boxing. This in my opinion is what prompted old Bob’s recent tirade, as he probably is now starting to get to his wits end with Mayweather looking like he will never give his star commodity (Manny Pacquiao) a chance to fight for the much coveted and mythical “pound for pound” title (and all the shed loads of cash that comes with it!).

Bob Arum Compares Mayweather To Hitler

The following are some of Arum’s whacky quotes during his interview with ABS CBN North American:

“I know you are younger, [but in] the second World War, Hitler did that to the world,” Arum said.

“When we look at our man Manny Pacquiao, there is more Churchill in him than Chamberlain,” he went on.

“He is gonna stand up to these outlandish statements and threats. He is not gonna let a bully like Mayweather bully outside the ring and push him around,” he added further.

“You have to understand if you talk back to a bully and you take a strong position with a bully, then the bully can back down and then logic will prevail and it might very well happen.”

“But it won’t happen if you keep appeasing the bully. Churchill taught us all that. I think Manny Pacquiao is cut from the mold of Churchill.”

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