Dorans Boxing Blog Celebrates 1st Birthday – A Personal Message To The Fans

Published On November 13, 2013 | By Niall Doran | Boxing News

Dorans Boxing Blog Celebrates 1st Birthday – A Personal Message To The Fans


By Niall Doran

It gives me enormous pleasure today to say that after 12 months of boxing writing and stories, we celebrate our very first birthday today here at Doran’s Boxing Blog.

It seems like only yesterday when I decided to start this blog last year and if I’m honest it has been hugely humbling and almost hard to comprehend just how popular it has become in 12 months. From day one, I just wanted to provide something to you guys (my fellow fight fans) that you could enjoy reading every now and then when browsing boxing related topics online.

The fact we have now had some memorable interviews and exclusives with well known people within the boxing industry, formed a team of talented contributors whose boxing knowledge I rate highly (Team DBB – Peter Wells, Jeremy O’Connell, Marc Gorman and Glenn Desmond), to the blog now having thousands of fans and readers around the world, it’s a bit surreal to be honest.

Today is probably the first time that I’ve really sat down and looked back at some of the things this blog has allowed me to do and opportunities it has helped provide me with over these last 12 months, which at the age of 25 now (feel old saying that!) I have to say have probably been the best of my life so far both career-wise and in life in general to be honest.

I’ve been very lucky to meet some truly exceptional, positive and talented human beings both in and outside of the boxing world though some shape or form because of this blog. When I look back at the last year now it brings a smile to my face.

At the moment I am in between job interviews and a few other things to boot, so I don’t always have time to write every day. My profession is online marketing which takes up a lot of study time for me (a career and area I am really passionate about and love other than boxing too) and sometimes it can be a little tough to have time to fit it all in – work, the blog and life of course too. Such is the balancing act that is life I suppose, not bad complaints to have so I can’t complain.

Whatever happens in the future, no matter how well I do or where I go, this blog is here to stay (if even only on a part-time basis due to work) for one reason and one reason only – you guys.

You, the reader and my fellow fight fan, is what inspires me to come up with new ideas and push forward with this blog every week to be honest in a bid to provide some genuinely interesting information that boxing fans enjoy. Obviously I love the sport myself too, always have and always will. For me there is no better sport. It’s still for me the truest and purist form of combat between two men.

The Marquess of Queensberry rules were drawn up all the way back in 1867 but today in 2013 I think the sport is just as exciting and as exhilarating as ever. The phenomenal dedication and sacrifice that these courageous athletes put themselves through for our entertainment is something very, very special indeed.

No matter where your from or who you are, the sport of boxing connects people across this planet – and always will.

I genuinely believe from a world wide point of view the sport is now coming into a crest of a wave and I think these next few years we will begin to see the sport get back to where and what it once was. You only have to look at the quality of high profile professional fights that have been made this year alone across the globe for evidence of this and I see no reason why this trend won’t continue over the next few years to be perfectly honest.

In closing, let me re-iterate my genuine thanks to you the reader. Seriously, your support and kind words over the last 12 months mean a lot to me.

Here’s to a great 2nd year ahead. Thanks for everything.



Niall Doran

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