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Kell The Special One Brook – Surely a World Champion in Waiting

by Niall Doran


Kell The Special One Brook – Surely a World Champion in Waiting

kell the special one brook

By Niall Doran

After seeing Kell Brook do an absolute demolition job on Senchenko last weekend inside of 4 rounds, I’ve never been more convinced that he will become a world champion.

I think it now is just a case of when and how they match him. Devon Alexander no doubt would be a tough fight but I think a lot of people out there don’t give Brook enough credit for one how good a boxer he actually is and two, how much power he packs in those fists.

Senchenko really had never been stopped or hurt like that by anyone before. I know Malinaggi stopped him but lets have it right, that was on cuts. This was a teak tough Ukranian who brought a massive entourage with him to the UK, which usually is a sign that a camp are very confident of getting the away victory. Brook handled him brilliantly, but for one careless moment in the fight when he got caught and was made to wobble momentarily. However the fact he kept his composure after this and stayed calm, more than anything for me showed that he is now ready to take the step in going to that next level.

Personally I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I think he would take the talented Amir Khan out inside the distance. I genuinely believe his style is all wrong for Amir but time will tell can this fight get made next or at some point in 2014.

A fght between the two would be big box office in the UK. I know that Khan is being muted to fight Mayweather but if this deal cannot get done for whatever reason, I think they should get the Brook v Khan fight on for sure.

Of course Brook will be mandated again for the IBF title as soon as the Alexander v Porter winner is announced after their fight on December 7th. The winner will then have to face Brook or relinquish the belt. It could be Devon Alexander v Kell Brook all over again for 2014, lets hope neither man suffers injury again if it is. The only thing that could derail this is if a unification of world titles was arranged, or if a potential Brook v Khan fight got made.

You never know in this funny old game, money talks. I for one truly believe Kell Brook will without a doubt become the world champion one day.

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