Mayweather v Guerrero results: Clinic from Mayweather + more

Published On May 6, 2013 | By Niall Doran | Boxing News

Mayweather v Guerrero results: Clinic from Mayweather + more 

Mayweather v Guerrero results: Clinic from Mayweather + more


By Niall Doran

Cinco De Mayo weekend (or as Floyd Mayweather likes to call it ‘Cinco De Mayweather’) has come and gone for another year and we the fans were treated to some great action right the way through the card this weekend.

Starting off with the main event between Mayweather and Guerrero. Perhaps not the most aesthetically pleasing fight on the eye to watch for some fans, but for me it was an absolute master class and boxing clinic considering the fact also he was a man who coming off a year layoff and had done jail time. From the get go it became clear to me that the right hand for Mayweather was going to prove the pivotal punch in the fight for him. Going into the fight his father said he felt Guerrero might be open for right hands, and boy was he right. Lead right hand pot shots controlled the early rounds for Mayweather who’s defense seemed to be back to it’s best making Guerrero miss wildly with swinging left hands. For those who said Floyd’s foot speed was slowing down (including myself) he proved that there is plenty of spring in his step left as he navigated his way around the ring using lateral movement and pivoting off the ropes to evade Guerrero’s shots on many occasions. The right hand was the theme for the entire fight really with Guerrero not showing any ability to make adjustments in the fight to keep out of the way of it. Although it was mainly lead right hands landing Floyd also a few times landed some painful looking right hooks which marked up Guerrero’s face in the mid to late rounds. If there is a criticism to make of Floyd’s performance is that I would have maybe liked to see him doubling up on his punches more, throwing more combinations and in general a higher work rate. However after the fight Floyd said he did hurt his hand in the mid rounds which contributed to him not going for the knockout down the stretch. Either way you look at it, it was an impressive performance with Mayweather landing over 60% of his power punches according to compubox statistics after the fight. Floyd now moves to an incredible 44-0 and is back out again in mid September. I would hope this would be against Canelo Alvarez, as really he’s the only guy out there that might test Mayweather with his size and strength.

The under card provided some great fights with the pick of the action for me being the all Mexican WBC featherweight showdown between Abner Mares who was challenging Daniel Ponce De Leon for his title. Right from the start Mares laid down the law and made it clear that although he was moving up in weight, that he was by no means going to be out muscled. This was established in the second round when he dropped De Leon with a wicked one two combination to the chin and temple which sent the champion crashing to the canvas. Mares was ridiculously fast and this proved to be just too much for Ponce De Leon to deal with throughout the fight. Mares’ hand speed really was blistering I thought. In the eighth round Ponce De Leon had some success as Mares looked like he might be tiring a little bit. However in the ninth round he was back to his explosive and vicious self and caught De Leon with a very powerful counter shot which had him on the deck again. He rose to his feet only to be met with an onslaught of lightning fast punches coming his way prompting the referee to call halt to the action in what was a very good fight. What next now for Mares? With Donaire making sounds recently that he’s interested in moving up to featherweight maybe that fight can happen if Golden Boy & Top Rank can come to some sort of agreement. Imagine Mares v Donaire at featherweight, now that would truly be a war!


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