Saturday’s US Fight Previews: Canelo v Trout and Fury v Cunningham

Published On April 19, 2013 | By Niall Doran | Boxing News

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By Niall Doran

Starting off with the big one this weekend, between Canelo Alvarez v Austin Trout in a mega light middleweight unification showdown in San Antonio Texas where reportedly over 35000 tickets have been sold! It really is an intriguing contest between these two primed pugilists. On one hand you have the beast, the immense strength and warrior spirit of the young Mexican lion Canelo Alvarez. On the other hand you have a slick counter punching southpaw who has built his career under the radar who goes about his work in a very humble and professional manner. Is it the classic fight of fighter v boxer, aggressor v counter puncher, bull v matador? I’m not sure. To class Canelo as a bull might be a little naive on my part, as this young man has proven he has excellent technique along with his physical attributes. He has fast become Mexico’s new boxing superstar and when Juan Manuel Marquez retires he will surely take over the mantle of being ‘Numero Uno’ in Mexico. Going into the fight he has talked about how he is treating this fight as a revenge mission for his brother who was beaten in a bout by Trout a few years back. Could this type of emotional motivation be a mistake? Invariably in boxing it always it. Taking my heart and love of Canelo’s fan friendly style out of it, and looking at the contest in the cold light of day with my head, I think Trout has the style to beat Canelo in what could be an ultra tight, razor thin close fight. I could be proved wrong all together and if I am I think Canelo will have to knock Trout spark out inside 5 rounds. One thing is for sure it will decide who is the best at that weight class (bar Mayweather) and the winner of this without doubt will look to build momentum for a potential showdown with Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather, who likes to wet his feet in the light middleweight division every now and then. My prediction – Trout by close (possibly split) decision.

Moving over to New York to the heavyweights. An exciting bout is in store between the undefeated giant Tyson Fury and the always tough competitor Steve Cunningham at Madison Square Garden this weekend. As always Fury has being his usual exuberant self in the build up. However in recent days it was great to see that the two combatants said they will now dedicate this fight to everyone who was effected by the Boston bombings earlier this week. This was great to see two fighters put their trash talk aside in this manner. Back to the fight, stylisitically you have to favour the big man, Fury. He’ll have a whopping advantage in height and reach and it will be up to Cunningham to try to get inside. Cunningham is certainly a fighter to be respected and I would think team Fury have done that by taking their training deadly serious in the run up to this fight. Tyson Fury who is now 20-0 will be looking to win this in good fashion and edge ever closer to that world title shot he craves against a Klitschko. Cunningham was certainly a force at cruiserweight but let’s be honest he’s not really a proper heavyweight. I was surprised recently to read that some respected people in boxing actually give him a chance in this fight. I just think the size difference will be far too much for him to overcome and not forgetting that Fury can certainly box for a big man too. Cunningham will definitely be up for this but I would not be surprised if we saw a Fury stoppage in the second half of the fight, to announce his arrival on the world scene to the American public.

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