Rigo vs Donaire: Rigo Hits the Bigtime – Decision’s Donaire in NY

Published On April 14, 2013 | By Niall Doran | Boxing News

Rigo vs Donaire: Rigo Hits the Bigtime – Decision’s Donaire in NY

Rigo vs Donaire: Rigo Hits the Bigtime - Decision's Donaire in NY

By Niall Doran

Last night I was thoroughly happy that I stayed up until after 4am in the morning to watch Guillermo Rigondeaux put on a boxing master class and out boxing Nonito Donaire to add the WBO Super Bantamweight title to his WBA belt. In a fight where Donaire was the favourite it became evident early on that he simply did not have the boxing skills of Rigondeaux who took Donaire out of his rhythm and boxed to a flawless game plan.

Rigo got off to a good start in the early rounds with his left hand proving to be his most effective punch when a number of occasions he caught Donaire with flush left hand counters. As I thought Donaire’s aggression played right into Rigo’s hands and walked on to a number of counter punches throughout the fight.

Perhaps the fight was not the most action packed with the crowd at times booing but Rigondeaux was showcasing his defensive ability and was not phased by these boos, sticking to his game plan of fast counters moving in and out and making Donaire miss. By the fifth round Donaire simply looked to have no answer to Rigondeaux and at times was made to miss very wildly with Rigo clearly frustrating him.

This continued to be the pattern for the majority of the fight until in the tenth round Doniare finally had some success when he put Rigo down with a left hook as the two fighters both seemed to be a bit off balance coming out of a clinch at the time the shot was delivered. Rigo got back to his feet and did not seem hurt at all with the punch really catching him off balance more than anything it seemed.

After this Rigondeaux seemed to up his work rate slightly and closed out the fight very well and in my opinion easily won the eleventh and final round with more sharp shooting left hands on Donaire’s face, who by this point was bearing the marks and bruises of a defeated man.

Guillermo Rigondeaux was awarded a unanimous decision by all three judges and with this win surely moves into somewhere on the list of top ten pound for pound boxers on the planet.

It just goes to show that hype and favourite status means nothing in boxing. Hats off Rigo, fantastic boxing display. Rigo vs Donaire certainly lived up the hype for me, and I’m sure for many other boxing purists out there. Technical boxing at it’s best!

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