Saturday’s Big Fight Preview: Donaire vs Rigondeaux

Published On April 11, 2013 | By Niall Doran | Boxing News

Saturday’s Big Fight Preview: Donaire vs Rigondeaux

Saturday's Big Fight Preview: Donaire vs RigondeauxSaturday's Big Fight Preview: Donaire vs Rigondeaux

By Niall Doran

Ah yes Donaire v Rigondeaux is almost here. Since it was announced a few months back this has probably been the fight in boxing that I’ve most looked forward to! A genuine 50/50 fight between two world class elite level operators, both at the peak of their powers. Finally we the fans will get a definitive answer as to who actually is the best Super Bantamweight in the world today.

Going into the fight  obviously Doniare is favourite (on paper) coming off a fantastic year in 2012 where he won Fighter of the Year and amassed four impressive wins over top level Super Bantamweights. He also is much more experienced and accomplished as a professional with a great record of 31-1-0 with 20KO’s. However, as we all know odds and having a favourite status does not guarantee victory. On the other hand you have Rigondeaux, a man who is only 11-0 as a professional but is arguably the greatest ever amateur Boxer with two Olympic Gold Medals and a ridiculously impressive record close to 400 amateur contests with an amazing resume of titles and achievements. The question is, will Rigondeaux’s massive amateur pedigree make up for his lack of experience as a pro compared to that of Doniare’s? I think it will.

Stylistically looking at the two fighters, both seem to have similarities but at the same time obvious differences. Donaire is orthodox and Riogondeaux is southpaw. There seems to be a bit of perception out there that Rigondeaux just fights on the back foot and doesn’t like to engage, in part maybe due to one or two performances he’s had. However I don’t think of him as this kind of fighter. He has shown that he has devastating knockout power when he needs it and also is a wicked body puncher, most notably shown with his 1st round demolition job over Irishman Willie Casey a couple of years back. Donaire on the other hand is viewed as the exciting explosive guy with some of his highlight reel knockouts really impressing fans. I think people just have not had the chance to get to know Rigondeaux yet as they have done with Top Rank’s superstar in Donaire who has been promoted heavily in recent years.

When you really step back and analyse both fighters, they both in fact are very technical guys who are very conscious of having good defense and not getting hit. Both also have tremendous one punch power. I think this combination of styles,  coupled with the fact both men are in their primes – will make for a sensational fight. I can see it maybe starting out as a chess match for the first couple of rounds but as the fight progresses I think people will really begin to see just how good Rigondeaux is and I can see his body shots beginning to slow down Donaire as the fight goes on.

It might be a bold claim but I think Rigondeaux could stop Donaire. Just have a feeling he might upset the apple cart here. Could be wrong but as Roger Mayweather always says “Boxing is about skills” and other than Floyd Mayweather, I don’t see a man in world boxing at the moment who has as much technical skills as Guiilermo ‘El Chacal” Rigondeaux. Freddie Roach said once after taking him on the mitts that he was one of the most gifted fighters he had ever trained.

Enjoy the fight!

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