Fight Previews: Bellew v Chilemba and Rios vs Alvarado 2

Published On March 29, 2013 | By Niall Doran | Boxing News

Fight Previews: Bellew v Chilemba, Matthews v Crolla and Rios vs Alvarado 2

Fight Previews: Bellew v Chilemba and Rios vs Alvarado 2

By Niall Doran 

Ah yes it’s that day again Friday which means another weekend is here! That can only mean another weekend of prize fighting is almost upon us and this weekend from the UK to the USA we fight fans are in for a real treat.

Starting off in the UK, we turn to Liverpool with Tony Bellew bidding to become number one contender for Chad Dawson’s WBC title when he takes on Issac Chilemba for the right to fight ‘Bad’ Chad later in the year. Going into the fight Bellew has been his usual entertaining and psyched up self. After watching some interviews during the week and seeing some footage of Bellew in training recently, I really think we could potentially see the best of him Saturday night. He almost seems like a man possessed, failure isn’t an option for him. Going off his last fight he proved it too when he suffered a horrendous cut against Bolonti early on in the fight and battled through the cut for 12 rounds to secure a vital win. Now at the point all that stands between him and a mandatory shot at Chad Dawson’s WBC light heavyweight belt is Isaac Chilemba. Chilemba might not be too well known to Irish & UK boxing fans but make no mistake he’s no mug and Bellew knows it. He’s mixed in decent class and comes into the fight in good form riding a five fight win streak which includes a win over Edison Miranda last year. It promises to be a great fight and if I were a betting man I’d probably lean towards a Bellew points victory. Then again he might even stop him late on.

In the co-main event to Bellew v Chilemba there is also a real tasty tear up between Derry Matthews and Anthony Crolla for the vacant Commonwealth  lightweight title. With Matthews winning the previous encounter between the two it will be interesting to see what adjustments Crolla makes this time around. With the bout taking place in Liverpool local man Derry Matthew’s will have the crowd behind him and I have a feeling this time around he might even stop Crolla somewhere along the way.

Moving stateside to another rematch (but much more high profile!) at Mandalay Bay Las Vegas, this Saturday night reignites a roaring fire that was started last year between Brandon Rios & Mike Alvarado who arguably had the fight of the year in 2012. In the build up to the fight Iv’e listened to a couple of interviews and it almost sounds like Alvarado is going to try to box a little more this time in the return leg. In any immediate rematch I always feels the guy who lost has a slight advantage in terms of knowing how he has to adjust and make right what went wrong the last time, where as the guy who won might not have learned as much from winning the fight. Having said that I think with these particular two combatants the last fight was such a ferocious slug fest where Rios ultimately out brawled Alvarado, that Rios will have a massive psychological edge going into the second encounter. He now knows Alvarado has a breaking point and will seek to find it again. I can only see the fight going the way it did before with plenty of toe to toe exchanges in a fight that will surely thrill us all again. Maybe this time it could go a little longer but ultimately I see Rios doing his work where he is most comfortable – on the inside, slowly breaking down Alvarado again, and perhaps stopping him late on between rounds 9-12. Looking forward to the fight!

For fight fans looking for a bet or a small wager this weekend I’m going with a Bellew, Matthews and Rios treble at 7/2 might be worth a small flutter!

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