Price v Thompson: Will it be another dominant win for Price?

Published On February 22, 2013 | By Niall Doran | Boxing News


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By Niall Doran

One could argue that this weekend’s fight against Tony ‘The Tiger’ Thompson will be David Price’s first real test. I’m not sure am I fully convinced it will be though to be honest.

Thompson to be fair has a good record (36-3-24kos) and has only really lost to the very best in Wladimir Klitschko on two occasions. His only other blemish was at the very start of his career when he was still learning his trade.

He certainly strikes me as a boxer who knows his way around a boxing ring and knows how to survive when needed. Perhaps this is the thinking behind Price’s management’s decision to select him as an opponent. As a tall awkward southpaw maybe he will sustain verticality a bit longer than some of Price’s recent foes.

It seems like David Price’s last few opponents have been just lambs to the slaughter. He hasn’t even seemed like he has gotten out of second gear lately. The way he has just been blasting people out in devastating fashion has slowly but surely sent out a chilling message to the rest of the heavyweight division. Lets not mince our words, the man has looked like a wrecking machine. It is almost reminiscent of a young George Foreman’s style of power punching.

The real question is how will he react when he comes up against a heavyweight who takes his punch and gives him one back just as hard? I’m a massive fan of Price but the next 12 months will tell a lot.

I think he will rise to the challenge and become the next great heavyweight but he has a lot of work to do this year. Him and Tyson Fury simply must happen. I’m also a big fan of Fury. Although his Twitter exploits are viewed as controversial (which they are) I just like they way he is trying to build up more hype for his showdown with Price.

Provided Price gets past Thompson (which he should do comfortably) and Fury beats Steve Cunningham in April, a fight between these two monsters of the ring should be inevitable. But then again this is boxing, and you just never what is going on behind closed doors.

With regards to Saturdays fight a lot of people think Thompson will take Price into the second half of the fight given his pedigree, awkwardness and experience. I don’t though. Big respect to Thompson for taking the fight but I just see him as body that will be obliterated by the wrecking machine.

My pick: David Price – Round 3/4 KO.

Elsewhere Stateside at the weekend, Lamont Peterson is back in action against Kendall Holt. This will be Peterson’s first fight since the end of 2011 since his issues he had with the taking of synthetic testosterone with the Nevada State Athletic Commission. Holt is certainly no push over and will be a good test for Peterson given his long period of inactivity.

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