Adam Booth – Boxing’s Game Plan Tactician

Published On January 28, 2013 | By Niall Doran | Boxing News

Adam Booth – Boxing’s Game Plan Tactician

Adam Booth – Boxing’s Game Plan Tactician

By Niall Doran (Jan 28th, 2013)


Whenever I think of boxers using clever game plans or getting their tactics in a fight spot on I always think of Adam Booth. The way he coaches and instructs his fighter’s is almost chess like.

If you look at his two star pupils David Haye and George Groves, there has been many an occasion when they have boxed exactly to an instruction throughout an entire bout, never deviating from a plan. To do this takes immense discipline and self control, which no doubt Booth has helped drill into both men down through the years.


A great example of a Booth game plan would be when David Haye beat Nikolai Valuev to become WBA Heavyweight Champion. Going into the fight Haye and Booth were obviously realistic enough to know they probably couldn’t knock out a man of that freakish size, and likely if Haye was reckless could easily be knocked out himself. So for the entire bout Haye made absolutely sure that he was out of range of Valuev’s shots, consequently making for a boring fight where Haye landed pot shots on Valuev with a low punch output of about 15 punches a round. The result however was a unanimous decision victory for Haye, which he got on German soil and become Heavyweight Champion (a very hard thing to do as an away fighter).

Another time where Booth constructed a masterful game plan was when George Groves beat James De Gale in 2011, narrowly edging out the Olympic Gold medalist on points. For me, at that time De Gale was the superior boxer (although now Groves has come on leaps and bounds) and Adam Booth had to come up with something that would frustrate De Gale. He did exactly that. Groves a fighter known for seeing the red mist and enjoying a tear up did something he had never done before, stuck to his boxing, keeping the fight at distance and countering De Gale for 12 rounds. It was a very close fight which really could have gone either way but for me Groves just did enough to edge the decision on the night.


Now Booth has a new fighter in Andy Lee under his tutelage. Andy Lee no doubt is well schooled already as it is having spent many years under the guidance and instruction of legendary Emanuel Steward. It will be interesting to see how Booth helps Lee improve as a fighter and what type of game plans he will come up for him. No doubt Lee will one day become world champion under Booth.

Adam Booth, boxing’s ultimate game plan mastermind.

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