Kelly Pavlik Retires: A Look Back At The Ghost’s Career

Published On January 22, 2013 | By Niall Doran | Boxing News

Kelly Pavlik Retires: A Look Back At The Ghost’s Career

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By Niall Doran

Last weekend’s shock announcement by Kelly Pavlik that he was retiring at the tender age of 30 certainly came as a surprise to me. As of late Pavlik had been experiencing a bit of a resurgence, reeling off four consecutive wins since losing a 12 round decision to Sergio Martinez back in 2010.

Pavlik will certainly go down as a very good Middleweight Champion indeed, who in his prime was a concussive puncher in both hands (mainly the right hand it has to be said).  He started out with the perfect career, amassing an awesome record of 30-0 with 27 knockouts. This Tyson’escue resume installed fear into the boxing world and when he stopped Edison Miranda in the 7th round he finally got his title shot.

He went on to win the World Title by stopping Jermain Taylor inside the scheduled distance and again defeated him a few months later by decision. With these two mammoth wins over Taylor, a man who had then brought the winning streak of the great Bernard Hopkins to an end, Pavlik almost became the American Boxing Poster boy. A man from a blue collar working background from Youngstown Ohio, he had the world at his feet having worked ever so hard to get where he was. But it was to be good old BHop that brought that state of euphoria firmly back down to earth for Pavlik.

In a catch weight bout, Bernard Hopkins put on arguably his best ever display, when he dismantled the much younger Pavlik in a 12 round masterclass by the Philadelphia man. After the fight Pavlik sited that he just couldn’t get off his punches and that perhaps the higher weight was a factor in his under performance. If you ask me he just came up against an absolute master of his craft in Hopkins that night. Hopkins 40 years old boxed like a 20 year old that night.

Although he did lose to Sergio Martinez after that I think Hopkins ruined him as a fighter. He never seemed to have that crazy knock out power again where he looked like he could end a fight any second. He never looked to have that hunger again that a top fighter needs to stay at the top of their game. No shame though as Hopkins has ruined many a good fighter down through the years.

At 30 he retires very young but his decision must be respected as he was honest enough to say he probably doesn’t have the drive for the sport anymore along with being more conscious about his health. Enjoy your retirement Kelly Pavlik and thanks for some fantastic highlight reel ko’s!

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