The World Series of Boxing + Happy Birthday to Muhammad Ali

Published On January 17, 2013 | By Niall Doran | Boxing News

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By Niall Doran

An amateur tournament called the World Series of Boxing is underway at the moment. Unlike normal amateur competitions this has a few differences and twists to it. The fighters wear no head guards and no vest just like the pro’s.  Amateur boxing?

Sure is. Well, a new type of it anyway. Essentially the tournament consists of various international teams or in this case ‘franchises’ whereby certain high profile amateur boxers represent different international teams.

From an Irish perspective you have fantastic boxers who represented us in the Olympics taking part in – John Joe Nevin and Michael Conlan. You also have the highly unlucky not to make the Olympic team – Joe Ward. Conlan is representing the USA team with Ward and Nevin representing the British Lionhearts team. On the British Lionhearts team you also have top UK amateurs like Andrew Selby and Freddie Evans.

The tournament in some quarters has come in for a small bit of flack with some claiming it is basically professional boxing being dressed up as amateur boxing. I beg to differ though. I think first of all it gives fantastic international experience to amateur fighters who may not have had it prior to taking part. You often hear professional boxing champions crediting how their international amateur experience as an amateur, traveling to different countries around the world, really put them in good stead for the pro ranks.

I think it is also great the way the competition makes the boxers wear no head guards. It is simulating what the professional boxing experience will be like for them. In my opinion part of the problem with the amateur sport at the moment is that it is a totally different sport entirely from professional boxing. How many times have we seen great amateur boxers turn pro and then find out they have no chin and can’t hold a great punch?

At least this tournament is bringing the two codes closer together again. This has to be a good thing for boxing from an amateur and professional point of view. I for one will be paying close attention to it this year and it will be interesting to see how some of the Irish and British fighters perform.

On a separate note Doran’s Boxing Blog would like to wish Muhammad Ali a very happy birthday today who turned 71 – “Float like a butterfly sting like a bee! Rumble young man rumble!”.

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