Arturo Gatti – A Real Blood and Guts Warrior

Published On January 16, 2013 | By Niall Doran | Boxing News

Arturo Gatti – A Real Blood and Guts Warrior

Arturo Gatti – A Real Blood and Guts Warrior

By Niall Doran

It always brings a smile to my face whenever I think about Arturo Gatti. It’s still hard to believe he is no longer with us.  The ultimate boxing warrior, his memory and legend lives on.

The first time he came to my attention was his first epic war he had with Micky Ward. What a fight. It was voted 2002 fight of the year and rightly so. It was almost like an out and out street brawl with hardly any boxing technique at all. It was like the two men at some points in the fight just agreed that they were going to exchange blow for blow.

As the fight wore on both men bore faces that were an absolute mess to say the least. This summed up Gatti for me. A guy who many times was barely able to see out of one eye and just fought on as hard as ever anyway. Round 9 will perhaps go down as one of the most epic rounds of boxing in history. Ward hurt Gatti with a crippling left hook body shot early in the round forcing Gatti to take a count. The excruciating pain was clear on his face but yet he fought back firing bombs to head and body. Gatti was out on his feet by the end of the round but somehow managed to make it through the fight losing a decision. In reality both men really won that night as their careers will forever be remembered for that night.

I think the great love affair the fans had with Gatti stemmed from them almost seeing their lives lived out through his fights. I think the metaphor of him constantly getting back up after been knocked down, over and over again, reminded people of the trials and tribulations that they go through in life also. Along with Gatti’s problems outside the ring with alcohol and drugs, people I think could relate to him as not some untouchable superstar. He really was the people’s champion.

Later in his career he fought Floyd Mayweather getting stopped in a brutally one sided fight by the laser like Mayweather. By that time he was far past his best and Mayweather fought just a shell of the former warrior Gatti once was.

A couple of years ago Gatti’s untimely death took the boxing world by absolute shock. Initially his Brazilian wife was charged with the murder but subsequently Brazillian authorities ruled it a suicide. The case is still open from what I know pending a further investigation with new evidence that independent invistigators form the States have introduced. Far is it for me to speculate on what the technical facts of the case were, but for me a man like Gatti simply wouldn’t take his own life. Maybe more facts will come out about his death as time goes on. I will always remember Arturo ‘Thunder’ Gatti as one of my favourite fighters whatever happens.

Floyd Mayweather was once asked to sum up Gatti in one word to which he replied – “Heart”. Rest in peace Arturo.

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