Boxing Cut Man: Mick Williamson – An Unsung Hero of Boxing

Published On January 3, 2013 | By Niall Doran | Boxing News

Boxing Cut Man: Mick Williamson – An Unsung Hero of Boxing

Boxing Cut Man: Mick Williamson - An Unsung Hero of Boxing

By Niall Doran

Many times has a boxer been on the verge of been pulled out of a fight because of a cut, only to be miraculously patched up by his cut man and allowed to box on. Boxing cutmen really are unsung heroes when you think about the work they do that often goes unnoticed.

One famous example would be Ricky Hatton. At the start of his career he was getting cut early into virtually every fight he had. Cut man Mick Williamson came to his rescue time and time again, stemming the flow of blood on his face to allow him to continue. One could say Ricky owes him an awful lot for his work during those early years as he could have easily lost a fight on cuts if it wasn’t for Williamson.

Mick has done this for hundreds of fighters down through the years. Lately he famously stopped the blood flow of a nasty gash Tony Bellew suffered during his fight against Roberto Bollonti in late 2012. Mick worked his magic and managed to control the cut for the entire duration of the bout that went 12 rounds, allowing Bellew to win a unanimous points decision.

Mick never went to any surgeon college to learn his trade. It’s said that he had a chat with Frank Warren over 30 years ago in a pub about possibly doing a bit of corner work. Everything he learned about stopping cuts he thought himself which makes his career all the more fascinating. Afterwards Bellew was quoted as saying “Mick Williamson deserves my purse tonight”.

So next time you see a cut man working his magic in 60 seconds between rounds spare a thought for Mick Williamson, an unsung hero of boxing.


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