The Impact of Katie Taylor’s Olympic Gold in 2012

Published On January 2, 2013 | By Niall Doran | Boxing News

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By Niall Doran

During a time of economic doom and gloom in Ireland, Katie Taylor provided a beacon of shining light for her country with her heroic gold medal in last summer’s Olympic games.

Going into the competition it was clear that Katie was favorite to take gold in her weight class and had all the pressure resting square on her broad shoulders. Despite this she came through with flying colours and gave her country a much needed shot of positivity in a time when so much negativity seems to exist.

Going forward into the future Katie will not be turning pro which was a surprise for me as really when someone wins the Olympics in boxing there is no where else to turn. But I respect her decision, it shows she obviously isn’t motivated by money and enjoys the real thrill of competition that amateur boxing provides her with.

The impact her Olympic gold will have on Irish boxing will be felt for many years to come I feel. Even in the immediate aftermath of her victory it was reported that boxing clubs around the country were experiencing a huge influx of youngsters as a result of inspiration by Katie’s accomplishments.

Katie Taylor’s epitomizes boxing in the way she conducts herself and carries herself as a model professional. Her humbleness and hard work ethic are a constant reminder of what the human being can achieve when he or she puts their mind towards something.

Ireland’s golden girl’s achievements will not be forgotten in a hurry , that’s for sure. Arguably she is the best female boxer of all time and she is from our shores. She provided us with great pride and happiness in a time when many in our country are in crippling situations. She showed people in Ireland that boxing really is the noble art and no doubt won over new fans for our great sport last summer. Best of luck for the Rio Olympic games Katie.

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