Could Pacquiao v Bradley 2 be on the cards for 2014?

Published On 16/10/2013 | By Niall Doran | boxing news and views
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Could Pacquiao v Bradley 2 be on the cards for 2014?

pacquiao v bradley 2

By Jeremy O’Connell

Timothy Bradley finally earned the entire boxing world’s respect at the weekend, with an excellent tactical display, in my view, clearly outpointing the legendary Juan Manuel Marquez with crisp, back-foot boxing. Many, including myself, doubted Bradley’s credentials as an elite pound for pound talent in the wake of his last two performances, but he proved himself to be one of the best fighters in the sport.

The world is now his oyster, and the most lucrative option going forward would be a rematch with Manny Pacquiao, if he can win his upcoming fight with Brandon Rios. It would give Bradley a chance to avenge his much-derided ‘victory’, one of the most controversial in the sport’s history, in their first meeting, and would give Pacquiao the perfect opportunity to re-establish himself once more at the elite level.

Should Rios upset Pacquiao, a fight with Bradley is possible, but unlikely, due to both men being managed by Cameron Dunkin, who has consistently been reluctant to match up his clients.

Next week’s Mike Alvarado-Ruslan Provodnikov winner is also a potential future foe for Bradley, particularly if Provodnikov prevails, as who would not want to see a rematch of their epic January clash, still the frontrunner for Fight of the Year honours?

For those readers wondering, a Floyd Mayweather-Tim Bradley showdown is not really worth contemplating, given the on-going promotional cold war between promoters Golden Boy and Top Rank which continues to divide the sport.

What, then, of the defeated Marquez? While he is obviously past his physical prime (and continues to struggle against pure boxers who do not lead against him), there are many other significant fights out there. Post-fight, he claimed, not for the first time, that he is contemplating retirement, but, despite this, and his talk of not being interested in a 5th Pacquiao fight, my money is on him fighting the Filipino legend one more time next year.

One final observation: Juan Manuel Marquez-Brandon Rios is a style matchup made in heaven, and the same goes for Marquez-Provodnikov. Let’s hope we see at least one of those before the Mexican icon hangs up his gloves for good.

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One Response to Could Pacquiao v Bradley 2 be on the cards for 2014?

  1. David says:

    How exactly does beating a tired old slow Marquez from the outside prove anything to Breadley’s so called greatness? He has one huge loss to Pacquiao which the boxing commission cannot overturn, and barely beat the russian nobody, and some say lost that fight if you give those heavy handed power shots more points on the scorecard. Personally not seeing Bradley as great, good yes, great no. I don’t want to see Marquez in the mix any longer, he loses handsdown to defensive fighters and wins against the agressive come at your throat viscous killers out there. Lets forget fans of the sport, and marketing to those who only enjoy watching their own kind fight. Real fans don’t care where the boxers are from, they don’t mind that Provodnikov is an animal from one of the harshest places on earth. That is who I want to see fight. Rios is not notch on Rocky’s belt, only Bradley or a Garcia perhaps. We all know Pacquiao is going to demolish this mexican fighter Rios, why do you think he has a chance? One punch does not hurt a boxers career at all. But I imagine after Pacquiao demolishes Rios people will say he was damaged from fighting Avlarado, just like the excuses that Provodnikov won becasue of his beatings from Rios. Many excuses abound. But all of this chat keeps leading down to the fights that should not happen. Rios is not in the mix and should not be. After Provodnikov almost beat Bradley or did in my opinion or at least a draw, which actually used to be considered a result of a boxing match. Now adays records matter more and so do promotions. But Pacquiao and Provodnikov should be fighting the so called declared champion in Garcia, not Bradley. He is not the champion.